[Windows Utilities Launcher] Access Device Manager, Task Manager, Services Manager and Other Useful Tools in Windows

Task Manager, Device Manager, Display Properties, Add/Remove Programs are a few system utilities which we use frequently while working in Windows. But we have to follow a few steps to open these utilities.

Wouldn't it be great if we can have a single window providing access to all such useful system utilities in a single place? Thanks to "ShraOne" @ DA for creating "Windows Utilities Launcher" which is a portable application, i.e. you even don't need to install it. Just run its EXE file and access all frequently used system utilities in a single step.

As you can see in above screenshot, it provides access to following system utilities:

  • Computer Management
  • Device Manager
  • Disk Manager
  • Performance Monitor
  • Display Properties
  • Services
  • Task Manager
  • System Configuration
  • Add/Remove Programs
  • Disk Cleanup
  • Time and Date

You can also access Notepad, Calculator and Task Manager from its system tray icon.

Its really a useful application specially for system administrators. You can download it using following link:

Download Link

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  • Very useful!

  • whoa, this is better than the old one,

  • Looks good before you try it. Thanks!

  • Looks good before you try it. Thanks!

  • Great work; looking for more development

  • It is quite a handy tool. One thing that I would suggest is this utility looks like it is for Windows Vista and Windows 7 only because of the icon set. If at startup would use images of Windows XP or example rather than Windows Vista or Windows 7, it would probably not be as misleading...

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