Windows Show Desktop Link: Get the Good Old “Show Desktop” Icon Back in Windows 7

We all know that Microsoft has moved the "Show Desktop" icon present in "Quick Launch" toolbar to the extreme right of Taskbar aka Superbar in Windows 7. Now its shown as a transparent rectangle in the new Superbar.

Many users found it quite annoying and difficult to use and want to get the good old "Show Desktop" icon back in Windows 7.

We have posted a detailed tutorial to get the good old "Show Desktop" icon back in Windows 7 which can be found at following link:

How to Get the Good Old "Show Desktop" Feature Back in Windows 7?

Today we are going to share a small app which can also bring the "Show Desktop" icon back in Windows 7.

"Windows Show Desktop Link" is a small and portable utility developed by "RealityTouchDesign" @ DA. You just need to pin this app to the Taskbar by dragging and dropping its EXE file to the Taskbar and it puts the "Show Desktop" icon back.


You can download it using following link:

Download Link

It seems the software has been removed by the developer.

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  • winkey + d requires a keyboard. Icon requires only a pointing device. Pointing devices are always present, keyboards not so much.

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