Windows Media Player 12: Bug or Feature?

Something interesting found in Windows Media Player 12:

1. Play a music file in WMP 12. It may be single file or group of files and you can play any format.

2. Now either move the Seek slider (progress bar) or click on "Next" button.

3. As soon as you move the slider or click on Next button, immediately click anywhere inside WMP window and hold it. Now you'll start enjoying the bug.

The songs starts playing in Fast-forward mode.


Now let us know your opinion about it. Is it a bug or is it supposed to be a feature?

IMO its a bug. Actually when you click and hold the "Next" button, its supposed to fast-forward the music track but in the above mentioned steps, we are not holding the Next button.

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Posted in: Windows 7

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  • It looks funny. Will we hear the music track faster?

  • Hey hey! It happen ! It happen... And same happen for slowdown if go vice-versa... (using win7 32bit)

  • Works fine for me W7x64

  • i got this bug........ in the starting when i used 7 ........and only this one....2econd is that when i made changs to my deafault music folder and upadtd the library ...........wmp doesnt get updated evn for weeks...... so i disbled it ....... n now statd using Winamp............ but i misses the gud'ol fature of wmp12 dat it allows u to play folder vise content without adding to now playin list........ :'(

  • I got it! You have to drag the next button into the window(but you cant see the next button moving) and you can see the bug. :)

  • Hey wait a minute....!! it worked...!! :-) You have to slowly Click and Drag the Next Button anywhere inside the WMP window....!!! don't release the mouse click...!!! Its cool...!!

  • I got it :-) it's really pleasure of having this bug or feature

  • Works only in the bar containing the play/pause and other buttons.. You click anywhere above the seek slider and nothing will happen. It seems like a bug to me.
    I could re-produce it.. only as VG said click n hold anywhere in the bottom bar and you'll be able to reproduce it.. Don't go above the seek slider.

  • fixed on windows 8.

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