Windows Live Web Messenger: Web Based WLM, No Download or Installation Required

Imagine a situation when you want to chat with your buddies using Windows Live Messenger (WLM) but your system administrator doesn't allow you to install the messenger?

Or imagine another situation when you don't have faster Internet connection or enough time to download WLM and want to chat with your buddy as fast as possible.

Got any solution for above 2 situations? Here is the solution!

Microsoft has released a web based version of "Windows Live Messenger" which doesn't need to install or download anything. You just need to open a URL in your web browser, sign-in using your Windows Live ID and start chatting with your buddies.

If you can remember, Yahoo! also provides a web based version of its messenger.

So don't waste your time and start chatting with your WLM buddies using Windows Live Web Messenger. Simply open following URL:

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  • This doesn't work anymore, it just redirects to Bing.

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