Windows 8 UI Bug Causes Windows XP Style Classic Balloon Notifications in Taskbar

Now that's really funny thing which I noticed today while working on my Windows 8 laptop. I always put Taskbar on left-side of screen in Windows OS and that's what I immediately did when I installed Windows 8 in my laptop.

Since then I was noticing that whenever I connect or disconnect my USB drive, Windows 8 shows Windows XP style old balloon notifications in Taskbar which looks very ugly in comparison of the new refreshing UI of Windows 8.

You can check following screenshot showing classic XP style balloon tooltip in Windows 8:


First I thought that this is how Microsoft has set it to look like in Windows 8 but today when I put Taskbar at bottom to test something and I disconnected my USB drive, I was shocked to see a new Windows 8 style balloon notification in Taskbar. I was surprised and I put the Taskbar again at left-side and when I disconnected USB drive, Windows 8 showed the old XP style balloon tooltip in Taskbar.


Now I got the whole thing clear. I checked the same thing in the remaining top and right side of screen and I found that when you put Taskbar at top or bottom, Windows 8 shows new balloon popups having square corners but if you put Taskbar in left or right-side of screen, you'll get old XP style ugly balloon popups which don't match with new Windows 8 theme.

Windows XP style old balloon tooltip when Taskbar is present in right-side:


New balloon tooltip when Taskbar is present at top:


That's really sad to see that Microsoft forgot to notice such small thing while developing Windows 8. People like me who always use Taskbar in left or right-side of screen, will have to tolerate that ugly balloon tooltip in Windows 8 Taskbar.

Check out following video to see the bug live in action:

Really disappointing. I hope Microsoft will fix this UI glitch in future...

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  • no glitch here i am running the rtm l**ked version don't worry i paid for a code to activate it

  • Checked and confirmed. Nice find. :)

  • I'm surprised to see these kind of bugs in Windows 8. :|

  • Yes. It is happening here as well. Using Windows 8 Pro with Media Center.

  • All new OSs have bugs, Windows 8 isn't the exception. We're waiting for SP1…

  • Microsoft must really consider building a Windows version from the ground up. It s**ks that all we get is just improvements to an old OS, and we still pay for it.

  • I like round corners ;)

  • I bet this won't be fixed. In Windows 9 you will not be able to move the taskbar anymore...or there is no taskbar anymore, and no desktop...Irony over...

    No, seriously. There is a more severe bug moving the taskbar to the side, as I also do: The space for the icons is to broad, too much waste of space. In Windows 7, there was a solution for this. Stopping and starting the DWM service. But this service does not exist in Windows 8, so this solutions doesn't work anymore.

  • "Windows 8" has a lot of bugs... Even in new computers... I don't know, what was wrong with "Vista", but "8" is really unfinished OS. It's just "7" with metro apps, aero glass removal and bugs. e_e

  • Windows 7 SP1 don't have this bug :)

    I also moved the taskbar to left-hand side to get more vertical space on my widescreen display computer.
    Hope Microsoft fix this UI bug.

    BTW, I found that many pre-installed software in Windows still using old and classic interface, like tools/utilities in Microsoft Management Console. Maybe they need to update MMC.

    To all old and classic interface, at least make it more modernize with Metro :P

  • @askvg. Why don't you send the bugs to Microsoft. For them to see it and for them to fix it.

  • @Nicolo , Do you think M$ care about bugs? ,they will say there is no bugs as they usually say..

  • Agree with Black_Ps`. "Microsoft" doesn't listen to users, they are doing, what they want to do. Giving an example, everyone knows about default ugly visual styles released by "Microsoft". They don't care, that, since "Windows XP" release or even earlier, consumers replacing system files to get some prettiness into "dark" world of "Windows".
    Look at this:
    Now look at default "Windows" style:

    Do you see difference?

  • ouch, what a bad glitch. :(

  • Still waiting for Windows 9 XD

    Good point zydrius32! There is no major differences at all, just that Welcome Screen that is very suitable for smartphones and tablets.

    They call it "Modern UI" and I call it Medieval UI. As Windows 8 is totally inspired in Windows 7 (I really don't believe that it was made from scratch) such bugs like this one should not exist.

  • Windows. 8. FAILS.

    #1 ugly s**t
    #2 too much bugs
    #3 very self-explanatory


    enough talk, im sticking to 7 for now.

  • I just wait and see the progress of windows 8. If it is still like this, hmmm..perhaps wait for win 9! Currently Sticking to win 7 :D

  • i have the same problem like you -_-"

  • WOW, what a crazy find, all this time I never paid any attention; now it is going to bother me, LOL
    Microsoft Windows 8 Pro (9200.16461.x86fre.win8_gdr.121119-1606)

  • Maybe is win 8 based on XP with some additional codes and start Screen. . .

  • Daniel/you're wrong. This bug has been fixed in windows 8.1 preview version.

  • This bug has been fixed in Windows 8 with all updates installed.

    I have no idea when and which the update is.

  • VG

    Its still present in Windows 8.1 Preview with all updates installed.

  • Oh, I just notice that the bug is not fixed.

    If your taskbar is auto-hide, then you will not get this bug.

    I checked the "Auto-hide the taskbar" checkbox in Taskbar Properties.

    Windows 8 Version 6.2 (Build 9200)

  • Not appear here....

  • This is the most boring thing I have read in my life

  • There's actually a MORE SERIOUS BUG..

    When presenting a PowerPoint presentation using "Microsoft Office 2010"..
    If you're connected to a dual-monitor (having the PROJECTOR as the extended display).. even if you DRAG the PowerPoint windows at the EXTENDED DISPLAY, if you activate the PowerPoint fullscreen mode, it would only appear on the PRIMARY SCREEN, regardless of what you do..

    the only solution is.. swap it.. use the projector as the PRIMARY SCREEN then your LAPTOP SCREEN (or whatever it is) as the EXTENDED DISPLAY..


  • Windows 8.1: Still there.
    Primary screen bug: Since forever.

  • I think its removed from windows 10.. Windows 10 (Technical Preview) show the modern style notification, sliding from the top-right corner when the USB Drive is removed or any other system notification.. Am I right?

  • VG

    ^^ Yeah. It seems those old balloon tool-tips will be replaced by those new metro style toast notifications as mentioned in following exclusive review:

  • I took some pictures of the balloon popups with Snipping Tool.

  • What is really disappointing is that Windows 8.1 obviously still has this old code present to even be able to display the XP style balloon! I wonder what other components still have old code lingering inside waiting to be executed. This is one of the reasons Windows is getting so bloated in size!

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