Windows 8 Start Screen Search Page Bug

As we all know Microsoft has released a Release Preview (Release Candidate) build of Windows 8 to public which can be downloaded absolutely free using following link:

Windows 8 Release Preview (RC Build) Released, Download Now

Windows 8 comes with many new features such as new Start Screen, Charms Bar, Ribbon UI in Windows Explorer, etc. You can read more about all these new features in our exclusive Windows 8 review.

Since Windows 8 is under development and the final RTM version will be released later this year, you might face problems and bugs in the current Release Preview build.

One AskVG reader "Uewd" has found a weird bug in Windows 8 which can be recreated in both 32-bit and 64-bit editions of Windows 8. This bug occurs when you try to search for an app using "Search" option of Charms Bar.

If you want to know more about this bug or want to recreate this bug in your Windows 8 system, please follow these simple steps:

1. Move your mouse cursor to top-right corner to show Charms Bar. Once you get access to Charms Bar, click on Search option.

2. It'll open All Apps page and the search box will be activated waiting for your input.

3. Now type any program's EXE file name such as iexplore, calc, explorer, etc.

4. When you'll type the EXE file name, the "Apps" section below the search box will show the correct number of result. For example, when you'll search for iexplore, the "Apps" section will show 1 result.


So what's the bug? Just click on "Settings" or "Files" section given below the "Apps" section and get ready to see the bug. As soon as you click on any of them, the result count of "Apps" section will increase by 1. In our iexplore example, when you'll click on "Settings" or "Files" section, the result count of "Apps" section will become 2.


5. Now again click on "Apps" section and you'll be surprised to see that the result count will reset to 1. Again click on "Settings" or "Files" section and the result count of "Apps" section will become 2.

That's really weird. You can check out following video to see the bug live in action:

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  • Thanks for Sharing it..

  • Do you know the reason why this specific thing happens? And are there any other instances where the same bug is found? Just wondering, thanks.

  • there are 2 internet explorer, one desktop and over metro version, that's why there are 2

  • VG

    ^^ No. The bug is why the result count changes while switching between Apps, Settings and Files sections? If its detecting 2 iexplore instances, thats fine but it should show 2 results when we select Apps section. Why does it change the count to 1? And the bug is not limited to iexplore only. You can check the video. It happens to other EXE as well.

  • @VG Ahh now I understand. Thanks, have a wonderful day!

  • That was very weird. I reported it on MS answers.

  • Maybe MS put an egg to say "Happy (late) Easter to all Win8RC users!"

  • Vg, a personal quest..where do you live in India?(i m also an indian)

  • You are talking right, i personally tested this bug on the Windows 8 Release Preview and showing same issues. Might be possible Microsoft noticed this bug and will solve this issue in Final Release but we must remember that Windows 8 still in testing mode and it is not a final release. :D

  • That was very weird !

  • haha! another bug, microsoft missed it again but that's the role of innovation where it comes in, right?
    thanks for sharing!

  • in the taskbar option: Combine when taskbar is full: There is a bug found. if as taskbar not showing second opened file (while open the file via windows explorer; when any file open in the same application via open menu in the application). This bug found in Technical preview as well as Consumer preview.

  • Microsoft already release a update for fix this bug.

  • Wierd!

  • Hey, check this out :D
    (not a spam)

  • I found another bug on Windows 8 :)) If you snap anything while desktop containing Google Chrome, when you maximize desktop again, tabs in Chrome will disappear.

  • Actually the Windows stores two copies of the executable, one in the program folder and the other in the WinSxS folder.

  • I think when you are in the Aps section, it only counts 1 because it's only one program, and when you change the section it lists the executable files.
    At least it's what I think it happens.

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