Windows 8 Snap Enabler: Free Utility to Force Enable Snap Feature in Windows 8

Recently we posted a small registry tweak to force enable new "Snap" feature in Windows 8 for low resolution PCs:

How to Force Enable Windows 8 Snap Feature in Low Screen Resolutions

Snap feature in Windows 8 allows you to run 2 Start Screen apps or one Start Screen app and one Desktop app side-by-side.


If you don't want to modify registry and want a free utility to do the task automatically, here is something interesting for you.

AskVG reader "Paras Sidhu" has created a small and portable tool "Windows 8 Snap Enabler" after getting inspired from the above mentioned registry trick.

This freeware allows you to enable/disable Windows 8 Snap feature using a single click on a simple button.

UPDATE: This utility no longer works in Windows 8 Consumer Preview, Release Preview and RTM versions.

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  • I tried it on the Consumer Preview. It doesn't work.

  • VG

    ^^ Most of the tricks which used to work in Windows 8 Developer Preview are not working in Windows 8 Consumer Preview. Microsoft has disabled the workarounds. We'll need to find new ways. ;)

  • yeah, unfortunately this doesnt work with the consumer preview.

    please let us know if there is a workaround!!

    Many thanks in advance and keep up the spirit!

  • Hi guys!I have the same problem with snap on Windows 8 Consumer Preview.I tried registry editor but still nothing.I think Microsoft allowe us use snap in Windows 8 RC.

  • Not in RP too. :(

  • Nope, Windows 8 will not allow snap even with the registry change. Now what?

  • not working,,,help plssss....

  • Please find a new way to do this. I tried this on Windows 8 Pro and it didn't work. Vishal you are the best with this stuff! Find us a new way! Snapping is the one of best features in Windows 8 and it is really sad that many people can't use it.

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