Windows 8 Shows Centered Titlebar Text, Icon and New Up Button in Explorer, Official Microsoft Video Confirms

We all know that there are lots of Windows 8 builds available for download on various torrent websites. These builds have shown us that Windows 8 Explorer comes with the good old Up button in toolbar and centered titlebar text.

But now it has been officially confirmed. Recently we posted about an official announcement from Microsoft about support for USB 3.0 standard in Windows 8:

Windows 8 Will Come With Support for USB 3.0, Microsoft Confirms

When we were watching the official demo video, we just noticed the Explorer window shown in the video:


As you can see in the above screenshot, the Windows Explorer window is showing the icon as well as text in titlebar which is not shown in Windows Vista and 7 Explorer. The titlebar text is shown in the center of Windows 8 Explorer window.

Also there is a new Up button in toolbar or command bar. It was also found in the Milestone 2 build but at that time Microsoft was using a classic XP style button. And now in this new Windows 8 build, the Up button icon has been changed.

Its not yet known which Windows 8 build it is but most probably it should be the same build which will be shown by Microsoft in the upcoming BUILD event.

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