Windows 8 Recycle Bin Will Not Warn You When You Delete a File

Now that's an interesting point mentioned by Microsoft in the official announcement about improved file management in Windows 8:

Microsoft Official Video Shows Improved File Management UI in Windows 8

Microsoft mentioned at the end of above mentioned announcement:

Finally, in addition to these big improvements, we've also done a thorough scrub and removed many of the confirmation dialogs that you've told us are annoying or feel redundant (i.e. "are you sure you want to move this file to the recycle bin?" or "are you sure you want to merge these folders?") to create a quieter, less distracting experience.


It means when you delete a file in Windows 8, you'll not get a confirmation dialog box and it'll directly go to the Recycle Bin.

What if you accidentally pressed the DEL key and there are many other deleted files already lying in Recycle Bin? You'll have to open Recycle Bin, look for the accidentally deleted file and restore it. It'll become too much annoying in this case.

That's not a good move by Microsoft. Recycle Bin has always have an option in its Settings to enable / disable confirmation dialog box, then what's the need to turn it off by default? If a user wants to disable confirmation, he can simply disable the option using Recycle Bin Settings?


I hope Microsoft will not remove the option from Recycle Bin Settings in Windows 8. What do you think of this move by Microsoft?

UPDATE: Enable Delete Confirmation Dialog Box in Windows 8 and 8.1

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  • I really hope that Microsoft will put back the safe delete confirmation option checked by default !
    Because you can always delete a file inadvertently, or your cat walking on the keyboard pressing the Del key... activating the auto-repeating the key... 500 files wiped out. Bravo Microsoft!
    SAFETY FIRST. The operator may/can disable this if he/she wants to, but then it is his/her full responsibility. But now, Microsoft is 100% responsible for any deleted file, directly or indirectly.
    Oh yes, I now hear Microsoft telling you that the files are still in the recycle bin. But normal people are cleaning the recycle bin without checking their contents. You will only wonder where your specific file is gone, only when you need it two months later, but your wife emptied it yesterday. That's Murphy's Law.
    Opgeruimd staat netjes. (very famous Dutch expression meaning "good riddance")

  • in all fairness if you do "accidentally" delete say 500 files to recycle bin via cat or whoever a simple right click "undo delete" works fine or "CTRL+Z". i was shocked when i went to delete a file and got no confirmation...... but its no biggie

  • Thanks for the article. It transpires that Microsoft has retained 'Display delete confirmation dialog' in Windows 8.1. Me, being old school (started with win 3.11; still have the floppy discs!), was a little unsettled by the slicker silent without-confirmation-experience that was always the default. I have checked it back on.

  • i deleted some files from a micro sd in my windows 8 but didnt went into recycle bin folder any one knows where it gone n can i able to restore it some how by a command or something please help

  • VG

    ^^ Files from external drives are permanently deleted. You can try data recovery software to restore those files.

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