Transform Windows XP into Windows 8 Using “Windows 8 M3 Starter Kit”

We all know that Windows 8 is under development and various interesting details with screenshots can be found in our "Windows 8" section.

It comes with new Start Screen, User Picture Tile in System Tray, new boot screen, login screen, etc.

If you are still using Windows XP but want to enjoy Windows 8 look and feel, here is something interesting for you which will make your XP look-like Windows 8:

So without wasting time, here are the simple steps to follow:

STEP 1: First install our SevenVG theme which will provide Windows 8 interface in XP. Windows 8 look is very much similar to Windows 7 atm:

Download SevenVG RTM Theme for Windows XP

STEP 2: Now download "Windows 8 M3 Starter Kit" created by our DA friend "PeterRollar":

Download Link

This kit contains following things:

  • Windows 8 Border Skin
  • Styler Skin to provide Windows 8 look-like Ribbon
  • TClock Light
  • ViStart Windows 8 Skin
  • Right-side Common Tasks Shellstyle file

You just need to follow these simple steps to apply above mentioned things easily and quickly:

1. First run "BorderSkin.exe" file included in the kit and deselect "Enable Explorer skinning" option and change color to "Clear" in its Options menu. It'll provide glass border in Windows Explorer window.

2. Now run "ViStart.exe" file present in the kit and it'll install Windows 8 look-like start menu in XP.

3. Now install Styler and apply the "Ribbon" styler skin included in the kit. To learn how to use Styler, please visit following tutorial:

How to Install and Apply Styler Toolbar Skin in Windows XP Explorer?

It'll provide Ribbon UI in Explorer.

4. Now if you want Common Tasks (Details Pane) in right-side of Explorer window, you can use "shellstyle.dll" file included in the kit.

Just copy the "shellstyle.dll" file, open "Windows\Resources\Themes\SevenVG RTM" folder (If you are using SevenVG RTM theme), go to "Shell\NormalColor" folder and paste the file here. There will be another "shellstyle.dll" file present in the folder, rename the existing file.

5. To enjoy Windows 8 look-like Clock in system tray, run "tclock.exe" file present in the kit.

STEP 3: Install Windows 8 login screen for XP using following link:

Download Windows 8 Milestone 3 Metro Style Login Screen for Windows XP

STEP 4: You can also visit following tutorial to apply SevenVG icon pack, cursors, iconized Taskbar, Sidebar, Progress dialog box, shutdown dialog box, System Properties, Aero Shake, Aero Snap, Aero Peek, Calculator, Paint, Context menu, Drive status bar, etc:

Transform Windows XP into Windows 7 without using Customization Pack

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