Windows 8 Gets New Metro Style Logo, Goodbye Windows Flag

There were many rumors lately that Microsoft is going to use a new Windows logo for Windows 8. But now Microsoft has officially confirmed this rumor.

Today at Windows Team Blog, Microsoft announced about new Windows logo which will be used for Microsoft's upcoming OS Windows 8.

According to Microsoft, Windows 8 is a complete reimagination of Windows operating system. The Windows logo is a strong and widely recognized mark. In some ways you can trace the evolution of the Windows logo in parallel with the advancements of the technology used to create logos. From the simple two color version in Windows 1.0 to the intricate and detailed renderings in Windows Vista and Windows 7, each change makes sense in the context in which it was created. As computing capabilities increased, so did the use of that horse power to render more colors, better fonts, and more detailed and life-like 3D visual effects like depth, shadows, and materiality. And what started as a simple "window" to compliment the product name became a flying or waving flag. But if you look back to the origins of the logo you see that it really was meant to be a window.

Following is the brand new Windows 8 logo:


With Windows 8, Microsoft approached the logo redesign with a few key goals on mind:

1. Microsoft wanted the new logo to be both modern and classic by echoing the International Typographic Style (or Swiss design) that has been a great influence on Metro style design philosophy. Using bold flat colors and clean lines and shapes, the new logo has the characteristics of way-finding design systems seen in airports and subways.

2. It was important that the new logo carries Metro principle of being "Authentically Digital". It does not try to emulate faux-industrial design characteristics such as materiality (glass, wood, plastic, etc.). It has motion – aligning with the fast and fluid style you'll find throughout Windows 8.

3. Microsoft's final goal was for the new logo to be humble, yet confident. Welcoming you in with a slight tilt in perspective and when you change your color, the logo changes to reflect you. It is a "Personal" Computer after all.

So what do you think about this new logo? Like it or do you find it too simple? Feel free to share your feedback about this new Windows 8 logo...

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  • Absolutely loving!!! Very impressed and simple!! Love/ cant wait

  • Nice!! The lôôk's Quite similar 2 new Nokia Lumia style...:-)

  • They are screwing up Windows 8. Why improving something that was way so much better? I'm disappointed, and I've a strong conviction that I will stick to Windows 7.

  • Looks insanely simple.

  • Looks too much like a window... Probably won't recognize it on some row of pics... NOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  • I definately prefer the old logo. They're simplifying the whole OS (and probably upcoming ones as well) too far. This will remove the iconic logo that everyone knows and loves and will ruin the Microsoft trademark.

  • Finally, they changed their old traditions...
    I like that one...

  • I like the classic logo better, but nothing wrong with simple, I suppose.

    Main concern though is the interface. If the final product suits a desktop PC, fine. I don't shy away from change or learning curves. But if it turns out the whole thing indeed is designed just with touch devices, tablets, etc in mind, complete with a lack of option for a classic Windows interface as an alternative, then I probably won't bother.

  • That logo is hardly noticeable, the text beside it grabs attention. They should either forgo the logo entirely and just stick with the "Windows 8" text if they love typography so much OR they should use the current windows phone logo, which seems more consistent with the metro icons...just my thought

  • at least now, you can see the real window in the logo.....

    my personal thought: "it's suppose to be more better..."

  • They should flip it right-left. It doesn't look right as-is. Personally think they should have gone with something flatter. Sort of what they did, but not quite as wide and with the perspective front-on.

  • It looks like 'Nokia Lumia' style.

  • no offense for simplicity but I don't like this at all........ :(

  • This Logo Is Very Awesome....

  • Simple and Flat Logo ...
    I dont like this

  • What a spectacular waste of money and time. Wish they had spent the time (and money) in making W8 better.

  • They said this new Metro style logo is inspired by Windows 1.0's logo. A real windows logo.

    I personally think that this logo is suited with the Metro designed Windows 8 operating system.
    IMHO, it is not looking good and I don't like it.

  • finally a new, modern windows logo which suits very well with windows 8...I still do hope that they add metro styling to the desktop to keep it consistent with tablet interface (metro).

  • I don't know if really like it. I will reserve my judgement when we see it in the final product. Right now what I can say is that the "dot" of the eye looks as if it is floating away. The rest is *alright*. The logo does reflect metro as was the intention. I would also like to point out that the icon is a little out of perspective. Right now it looks like a rectangle but I assume it is supposed to be a tilted square.

  • The new logo is really bad. Its way too simple for a company like MICROSOFT.........

  • do they want to lose customers?
    I thought windows 8 will look beautifull, not uglier than MS-DOS.
    windows 3.11 VGALOGO.RLE is so beautifull compared to this.
    ^^while linux is adding more 3d, transparence, and animations. <<and speed

  • I'd say a bit too simple, but I really don't care a lot for the logo :)
    I kinda like it, but a bit more detail wouldn't kill us

  • It still kind of reminds me of the windows flag, but it looks more like an actual windows now.

  • my opinion, this doesn't require any skill to make and isn't worth looking at anyway. it has no passion, no style, no point. the only point is that it looks more like a window. but there was nothing wrong with flag that could also be interpretted as a ripple window. xp is the best time of microsoft o/s.

    i don't like this new logo at all. maybe ok for msdn site, but not for windows logo.

    a good, quality, cared logo says, i care, we are awesome, we love this, etc. this... i really don't understand how can someone call this a logo.

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