Windows 8 Features New Metro Style “Start Screen” with Live Tiles

As we posted earlier, Microsoft showed first official preview of its upcoming Windows version "Windows 8" aka "Windows vNext" at D9 conference:

Microsoft Shows Windows 8 Preview

After watching the preview video so many times, we were pretty much impressed with the new Start Screen introduced in Windows 8.

New "Start Screen"  looks very similar to Windows Phone 7 home screen. It basically shows live tiles of the installed programs in Windows 8.


If you are thinking, what happened to the old Windows Start menu? Its still there and can be used just like Windows Vista and 7.

Actually Windows 8 can be considered as a 2-in-1 OS. It'll come as a traditional Desktop OS (like Windows 7) as well as an OS for touch based tablets.

Windows 8 will support 2 kind of applications: Classic Windows applications like the apps in Windows Vista and 7 and a new type of applications written in HTML5 and Javascript.

The new type of applications which are written in HTML5 and javascript work like a mobile application and can be viewed in full screen.

Windows 8 will also come with Internet Explorer 10 as default web browser which supports this new app mode. So it'll work like a classic app as well as a mobile app with full screen mode and tile based UI.

You can also check following freeware to get Windows 8 Start Screen in Windows XP, Vista or 7:

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  • Thanx for all the work you do, you have benefited me a great deal with your innovations. One of the features about Windows 8 that I particularly like is the boot menu. If you're running a multi-boot system it's a lot cleaner than any of the other Windows boot menus. I for one would like to see this made available for Windows 7.

    Thanx again,

  • Hello! If I want to download the newgen where I go?

    Please REPLY!!

  • VG

    ^^ Here:

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