Windows 8 Comes with Built-in Option to Turn On/Off 16-Bit Application Support

UPDATE: This feature is only present in 32-bit edition of Windows 8.

Time to share another interesting feature of Windows 8. Did you know Windows 8 comes with a built-in option to turn on or off 16-bit application support?

Our reader "Basil" has found a new applet "16-Bit Application Support" in Control Panel of Windows 8 Developer Preview. This new applet allows you to enable or disable 16-bit application support in Windows 8.


When you open the applet in Control Panel, Windows shows a dialog box to turn 16-bit application support on or off. Simply click on Enable button and you'll be able to enjoy 16-bit applications in Windows 8.

If you don't enable the option using Control Panel, Windows 8 automatically asks you to enable the option whenever you try to run a 16-bit application.

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