[Did You Know] Ultimate List of Windows 8 Bugs and Goof-ups

When Windows Vista was under development and I was using testing builds of Vista, I found many bugs in the OS. I reported them to Microsoft and many of them were fixed in the next OS i.e. Windows 7.

[Did You Know] Ultimate List of Windows Vista Facts, Bugs and Goof-ups

When Microsoft started working on Windows 7, again I found some new bugs in Windows 7:

[Did You Know] Ultimate List of Windows 7 Bugs and Goof-ups

And now when Windows 8 has been released, there are very few bugs in the OS. In fact I have not found any new bug in Windows 8 but there are a few bugs which were present in Windows 7 and have not been fixed in Windows 8.

Today in this article, I'm going to list a few bugs which were present in previous Windows versions such as Windows 7, etc and are still present in the latest Windows 8 OS.

1. Windows 8 Explorer Titlebar Bug

That's a new bug found in Windows 8. This bug appears when you right-click on titlebar in a window and select an item such as restore, maximize, move, size, etc from the context menu. You select the item but the titlebar context menu remains on screen.

Check out following video to better understand the bug and to know the steps to recreate the bug:

Thanks to our reader "NZero" for sharing it...

2. Taskbar Context Menu Bug

This bug was first found in Windows 8 but after some time we noticed that its also present in Windows 7. This bug causes the Taskbar context menu to appear behind the Taskbar.


You can visit following topic to read the steps to recreate the bug:

Windows 7 and Windows 8 Taskbar Context Menu Bug

Another similar bug:

[Bug] Taskbar Context Menu won’t Close in Windows 7, 8 and 8.1

3. Windows 8 Taskbar Bug

A funny bug which causes Windows 8 to show Windows XP style old balloon popups in Taskbar.


Windows 8 UI Bug Causes Windows XP Style Classic Balloon Notifications in Taskbar

4. Task Manager Maximize Option Bug

This bug was present in Windows Vista and Windows 7 and can also be recreated in Windows 8. This bug can maximize anything which is showing in Task Manager whether its a window or a dialog box. Generally you can't maximize a dialog box because it provides only close button but this bug can maximize dialog boxes which makes the dialog box looking strange on screen as shown in following screenshot:


You just need to open a dialog box such as Taskbar Properties, Run dialog box, etc and then open Task Manager, right-click on the dialog box entry and select Maximize option.

Check out following article for full details about this bug:

[Fun Tip] Maximize Windows or Dialog Box When Maximize Button is Disabled

You can also watch this bug live in action in following exclusive video:

5. Notepad Statusbar Bug

This is the oldest bug in the history of Windows. Its present in almost all versions of Notepad whether its Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 Notepad. This bug causes Notepad to show incorrect row and column numbers in Statusbar.


Check out following topic for more details and instructions:

Notepad Statusbar Bug Found in All Windows Versions

6. Windows 8 Start Screen Bug

I'm glad to see that this bug which was found in Windows 8 Release Preview build has been fixed in RTM (final version) of Windows 8. Check out following topic for more details about this bug:

Windows 8 Start Screen Search Page Bug

7. Aero Glass Transparency Bug

As we know that Microsoft has removed Aero glass transparency from Windows 8 and people are trying their best to find a way to enable the transparency again. There is a bug in Windows 8 which allows you to enable a broken Aero glass transparency in Windows 8. Since its a bug, it doesn't work properly.

Check out following topic for more details:

Is There Any Way to Enable Aero Glass Transparency in Windows 8?

That's all for now guys. If you have also found any bug or easter egg in Windows 8, feel free to share it in your comment...

Also Check:

[Bug] Screen Won't Dim When You Press Win+PrtScn keys to Save Screenshots


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  • wow! nyc found Microsoft should fix them all

  • bug : in windows 8 with media center installed. each time you plug in a portable device such as a flash drive it shows up in media center under videos. even though you have not add the location to your libraries.

  • It has a lot of problems,go to Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Action Center\Reliability Monitor and then click left arrow to see back history,then try right arrow to go foward,look at the events,,a lot of bugs...and blue screens. See image postimage.org/image/yr0m6rhk3/full/ ,i'll come back with more bugs im sure..

    I`m using Windows 8 Pro X64

  • Another bug in Program And Features,you enable status bar but there is no status bar there,see pic. postimage.org/image/9qdt0ol1n/full/

  • Another "good thing what M$ did" is to remove safe mode if you have any problem with it booting pressing F8,i have seen many sites telling that shift+F8 will boot in safe mode , i can tell you mine is not working.

  • Is anyone experiencing windows 8 update while configuring keeps pausing at 15% and the operating system keeps reverting back? Is there a way to fix this? OS is pro x 64.

  • @ Joesph, yes.The biggest bug in Windows 8 for me was the download and install of the $14.99 upgrade. I never got it to work. It said system can't be found. I tried to download it again after deleting all the files and still no go. I even tried to burn the ISO to DVD and install like that, and it did not work. Now, the refund part begins...wish me luck.

  • Open a folder window (like Windows+E). Move mouse to the title bar of the window and right click.

    Select, if available, "Restore", "Minimize" or "Maximize" on the context menu.
    Select, if available, "Move" or "Size" on the context menu. Then, click outside of the window.

    The context menu is still there and didn't disappear.

    Microsoft Windows 8 x64 (6.2.9200.16442)

  • Bubbles screensaver shows one colored background (depends on your metro color scheme) instead of a desktop/startscreen screenshot. Setting and clicking preview on the screensaver looks fine but when you actually wait for the screensaver to appear, it is when you see the bug. XD

  • What about Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Devices and Printers , is anyone has the same problem when starting Devices and Printers ,to take a long time to start and 100% CPU ?

    Windows 8 Pro X64

  • If you say 'Start Screen or 'Start' in Windows Speech Recognition, it will not recognise the command but if you say 'Start Men' , then it will recognise the command and take you to the Start Screen.
    Bug 2 : In Windows Media Center settings , you can find the find the word 'Start Menu' in the setting 'Start Menu and Extras'
    Please mention my name if you share this.

  • Win H8 likes to lock my Boot Drive. I've seen numerous reports of this on the MS Forums so I'm not the only one experiencing this problem/bug.

    To UNLOCK it - If you have UEFI Bios, like I do, the way to unlock it is to go into BIOS, then go into your Advanced Menu, then click on BOOT MENU - and then go all the way down to Boot Options - select your Boot Drive, it will appear here even if it's locked.

    Click on your Boot Drive (located in this section), BIOS will unlock it and use it as an Override to immediately boot your System.

    Win H8 opening screen should pop up.

  • there should be a much tighter intergration from metro and the desktop. it feels to much like it is two independent systems. i like a lot of the apps, but when i click on a music icon it does not bring up media player , instead i get a music player that uses different codex has a interface that is simple but not what 's needed. in short two many choices. i do like windows 8, i like at-least 75% of what i see. but the hole thing just feels rushed. maybe in windows 9 they will get it right. i don't really see them getting it right with a service pack , they don't seem to want to acknowledge the problems with windows 8.

  • Oh yeah. Service pack 1 is needed. So lots of bugs.

  • Hey VG!

    I found a bug you didn't list up there kiddo. :)

    Let's call it: Personal Information on File NOT removal bug [It's not that bad folks, you can get 3rd party apps on Windows to boost this effort]

    1. Right Click on file you wish to remove your file description name etc off and choose properties
    2. Details tab
    3. On bottom of tab "Remove Properties and Personal Information" - Choose this in blue text
    4. On Remove Properties Box, choose "Remove the following properties from this file"
    5. Bug 1 - Select All doesn't work | Bug 2 - Choosing ok doesn't remove anything.

    I'm using the retail build 9200 i got from the 14.99 Promotion. I just wanted to let you know what I found.

    Kent C.

  • There is another bug in windows 8, If you click turn off your PC in bootim.exe while the windows 8 desktop is running, it returns you back to your desktop and the pointer becomes invisible and you have to lock or log it off to make visible again.

  • VG, did you try to recreate all these known bugs and goof-ups in the newest Windows 8.1? Did they fix any of them?

  • Start bar/clock jumps out from the side of the screen for no reason and at random. Any ideas on a fix? I've already returned my comp twice for a new one.

  • VG

    ^^ Please check following:


  • If you have the taskbar at the top of the screen, and open a window from a shortcut, it will open behind the taskbar, the only way to get it out is to resize it. But sometimes you can't get programs like fraps out! :o

  • Sometimes, when searching in the start screen, if there are no results under a category, clicking on it freezes the start screen over the computer rendering it useless until you log off. It is the most annoying bug I've seen.

  • The Windows Explorer Titlebar bug: The menu disappears one the second click no matter the what is the sequence of the clicks or selection of the menu !

  • Windows 8 itself is a bug itself and therefore, a huge miserable mistake from Micro$oft.

  • Each time i am rebooting the system, i need to go through 1 login, then installation screen, and then i need to log out of the user, and then log in to use the pc

  • Hey VG! Great Post! :)
    I have found another bug in windows 8(works in windows 7 too)

    First you must enable file extensions, then, on the desktop, create a text file(or any file).
    Now right click on that file, rename, change the extension to anything.
    Now click outside on an empty area on the screen. Click Yes on the dialog.
    And voilà! The mouse will be in dragging mode! Just click anywhere to make it stop.

  • VG

    ^^ Interesting. I found this bug first in Windows Vista. Check "File Renaming Bug" in following topic:


    Surprisingly it still exists in Windows 7, 8 and 8.1.

  • Nice findings! You may add those as well:

    1. 'Aero snap' left border rendered incorrectly: i.imgur.com/v05rzWA.png
    2. Windows explorer address bar highlight glitch: i.imgur.com/K2mapiL.png
    3. JPG wallpapers get visibly downgraded: i.imgur.com/V1ZDYCB.png (2x scale)

  • Biggest bug I've encounter in Windows 8 and 8.1 is no classic theme or option to disable desktop composition.

  • I found a disturbing bug in the Windows 8.1 spring update. When you change your theme or anything else in the personalize menu, a lot of graphical glitches occur.
    1 : In the explorer, there is a part of your desktop showing.
    2 : The settings menu in the charms bar is transparent.
    3 : Only 3 things are shown in the charms bar.

  • To do this bug, you must have your taskbar on the left side of the screen with autohide on.

    Go to the window menu at the top of the taskbar and click it to take you to the apps. Run a program from there. The screen will switch back to programs with the taskbar displayed. It doesn't matter which screen you click in, the taskbar will remain displayed. The only way to hide it is to click on a blank area of the taskbar and then click in a program window.

  • I have an issue where I click on a folder to open it but it does not display. It opens but all that it displays is a transparent square, nothing more. How do I fix this? I cannot open anything folderlike anymore.

  • Mephilel, this might be explorer problem try restore windows.

  • [BUG] When you navigate the start screen with the mouse wheel, after navigating sometime, it will freeze and not move. If you zoom out with [ctrl] and mouse wheel down, iv will not zoom out but every thing will blur. To get rid of it click on the left bottom thumbnail.

    Harsh Chaturvedi

  • Hi Vishal
    I am an experienced windows user and after using each and every version of windows
    i came to the conclusion that windows 8 is the worst thing i ever used.
    I have changed my keyboard three times every time the ctrl and the alt button stop working and also some other buttons..
    please tell me is there any such bug or i will have to downgrade to the 'Best' Windows 7

  • VG

    ^^ I have not seen such kind of bug in any computer. Try to attach another keyboard to your system.

  • Personal Information

    Name: Phoenix Eve Aspacio
    Gender: Male
    Age: 14 years old

    Computer Information

    Manufacturer: Samsung Electronics
    Model Number: NP305U1A-A0CPH
    Operating System: Windows 8.1 PRO without WMC


    This is an issue in Windows 8.1 that is bothering me for a while since my friend from Bangladesh gave me a genuine Windows 8.1 Pro Product Key. Basically, randomly and following no specific action the hot corners including the charms bar stopped working, title bars in apps installed from store is not showing. They do not appear at all, the start button becomes unclickable and the apps in the taskbar is having a bad time thinking I am hovering into it.

    Physical button combinations do make them appear though. This is happening on my laptop (Non-touch), freshly installed Windows 8.1. It does not matter how many times I format, reinstall or uninstall apps, the bug is still there. I'm starting to think it's a bug in the OS itself and it's my usage pattern that triggers it. Nevertheless, it's annoying. The only way to restore proper functionality is to restart explorer.exe (or to reboot).

    I've searched for solutions online but I found no permanent solution. I also found some windows 8.1 users having the same problem. I've tried all the cmd stuffs to check whether the system is corrupted, but none of those codes helped. I hope you have a permanent solution for me.

  • VG

    ^^ First make sure you have installed Update 1 and Update 2:


  • Keyboard repeat rate slow setting doesn't work on re-start.

    Control Panel -> Keyboard -> Set Repeat Delay to short, test in the input provided below. It works as expected, pressing the space long moves fast.

    Now, restart the machine, pressing the space long is again slow, although when we go back to the control panel -> keyboard, it shows Short. Now, changing again to long & slow & applying, makes it work again.

  • Does any body else experience these bugs, or is this just an issue with my installation:

    #1 When you enable "View all folders" in the navigation pane and then try to open a sub folder of your own profile folder (the folder in the navigation pane with your name), it always opens in a new window, sometimes even twice (so two new explorer windows after every double click).

    #2 When I search under start, it only finds applications (even though "Everywhere" is selected". When I switch to "Settings" it can find settings and when I switch back to "Everywhere" it finally does search "everywhere" and displays apps and settings.

    Both are really annoying, but I haven't figured out yet how to get rid of these problems... I wonder if these are common Windows 8.1 bugs or something got messed up with my user profile.

  • on last reboot of install for Win 8.1 the screen is dim as though the brightness was turned all the way down. if I reboot to Win 7, all is as it should be. any ideas? installed Win 7 & 8.1 for dual boot on Sony Vaio laptop... grateful for any ideas... ran driver update - sez I have the most recent driver already installed... ??? many thanks for help....

  • Bug: in a save file window (such as the download file window in Firefox), typing something in the search bar of the window and then trying to save the file will result in a "Location not found" error. This is because when you begin to search for something, the File Explorer window actually changes location: s11.postimg.org/g6q3t2bf7/bug.png

  • Hi VG,
    I found a bug in windows 8, 8.1 and 10 right off the bat. Open IE and open File Manger(Windows explorer) and set the two side by side on the screen. Next visit any website and drag the Icon from the address bar to a folder in Windows Explorer, not only does this make a Link, but it launches the Link in new window in IE. Before windows 8, I never saw this happen. When I use Chrome in Windows 8 and above, and drag the icon from the address bar to a folder, it just makes a link which is how it used to be with IE. I consider this to be a flaw in windows 8, 8.1 and 10 using IE and possible a security problem, and if not, it is definitely annoying especially if you are trying to bookmark that way.

  • Another bug in windows 8, 8.1 and 10 is typing in Internet Explorer and when you are editing and moving the cursor around back and forth using the arrows on the keyboard by default my keyboard is in Insert mode, but all of sudden when moving the cursor back some place, and then to the right, it changes to Type-Over mode. It doesn't just happen on my laptop but on my desktop and both computers us windows 8/8.1. This same flaw/bug still exists in windows 10. Perhaps this bug is a result of the Spellchecker, who knows?

  • After a trillion dollars in revenue how can a software be so terrible. We'r hostage to their incompetence

  • I've actually been haunted by Bug #1: "Windows 8 Explorer Titlebar Bug". Not sure what's causing it but I have a fix which seems to work reasonably well.

    Here's an AutoHotkey script which addresses it. This fix works reasonably well most of the time, however, if you switched to/from the explorer window after clicking on the title bar too quickly, it won't kill the excess context menu which pops up. I've not tested this yet on Windows 10 but I'm sure I will soon :)

    Github link (likely more up-to-date and with installation instructions): github.com/patricknelson/windows-explorer-context-bug


    ; Prevents the context menu from appearing twice when right clicking the title bar of Windows Explorer in Windows 8.x.
    if WinActive("ahk_class CabinetWClass") {

    ; Check if title bar.
    CoordMode, Mouse, Window
    MouseGetPos, ClickX, ClickY, WindowUnderMouseID
    WinActivate, ahk_id %WindowUnderMouseID%
    WinGetClass, class, A
    WinGetPos, x, y, w, h, ahk_id %WindowUnderMouseID%

    if (ClickY 0 and ClickX > 0) {
    WinWait,ahk_class #32768
    Send {ESC}
    ;msgbox %w%

  • Ok, I've perfected my fix for this and now it's on Github with screenshots and etc: github.com/patricknelson/windows-explorer-context-bug

    I've worked around the initial focus issue!

  • Just a Windows 8.1 user on a desktop. My main frustration with the Personalization option is I set the Desktop Background to Fit in Picture position box, and Save Changes. This works for a few hours and then reverts back to Center later.
    Is there a way I can edit the registry to not have Center in the list of options?

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