Windows 8 Allows You to Change Custom Library Icon

Here is another interesting find in Windows 8. Windows 8 allows you to change library icon using library properties. Our reader "Brandon" found this interesting feature introduced in Windows 8.

When you open a library Properties by right-click on it and select Properties, you see a new button "Change library icon" which was not there in Windows 7:


It allows you to customize the icon. You can browse and select any desired icon.

But at the moment it only allows you to change icon of a custom library. For default built-in libraries, the button is disabled.

Really a nice move by Microsoft. Now you'll not need to use any 3rd party software or registry tweaks to change library icon.

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Posted in: Windows 8 / 8.1

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  • I would be happy if this post said, you can change the icon on the live tiles, 'cause desktop app tiles look ugly!

  • VG

    ^^ You can customize Start Screen apps look, etc by going to following folder:

    C:\Program Files\Applications\

    It would be hidden. So enable show hidden files option. Also you might need to take ownership of Applications folder.

  • @VG

    And you know how to make a fake app linking to our desktop app with a logo and custom color tile and even a wide tile option?

  • @VG Thanks for the tip, and about that vista boot loader thing, it just crashes and stops working just after i launch it.
    even if it would had worked, i don't think it may had solved my problem.
    what happens in my case is that when i choose to boot windows 7 from the win8 boot menu, blank screen appears and then the machine reboots in system start up repair (win7 one, not win8 one) but none of the options give any result...
    thanks for the help again

  • VG

    ^^ Thats really strange. You can try to install Windows 7 in a partition other than C: and install Windows 8 in C: drive. It might be possible that Windows 8 is overwriting or modifying Windows 7 boot files.

    Nope. I have not started playing with Windows 8 apps. ;)

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