Windows 8.1 is Just Around the Corner, Are You Ready to Switch?

We have told you earlier that Windows 8.1 final version (RTM) will be available for public on October 17th. Windows 8.1 will be available for download via Windows Store on 4:00 AM October 17th and will be available at retail and on new devices starting October 18th.

Windows 8.1 RTM Schedule


Now Windows 8.1 release is just around the corner and the question comes are you ready for Windows 8.1? Are you ready to switch to Windows 8.1? If you are already using the free Windows 8.1 Preview version in your computer, you are most probably ready for Windows 8.1 RTM as its the final version of Windows 8.1 and will contain bug fixes and updates to make it stable and secure.

How to Upgrade from Windows 8.1 Preview to Windows 8.1 RTM Version?

If you are using Windows 8 in your computer, you should definitely upgrade to Windows 8.1 RTM. Windows 8.1 is quite similar to Windows 8 in looks. You'll not face any difficulty while using Windows 8.1 if you are already using Windows 8. Windows 8.1 is actually an update for Windows 8 so it'll make your Windows experience better and more user friendly. Microsoft has fixed many Windows 8 annoyances and problems in Windows 8.1 such as missing Start button, annoying hot corners (including Charms Bar), inability to shut down or restart your PC, direct boot to Start Screen, etc, so you should upgrade to Windows 8.1.

Windows 8.1 = Fix (Windows 8) <=> Windows 7 = Fix (Windows Vista)

If you are using Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7, you should check out following topic first:

Windows 8.1 Upgrade Paths and Pricing Details

Windows XP and Windows Vista users will not be able to upgrade to Windows 8.1. They'll need to install Windows 8.1 on a different partition or remove previous Windows from your computer and install fresh Windows 8.1.

Windows 7 users will be able to upgrade to Windows 8.1 but you'll need to reinstall all 3rd party software. Your personal documents and files will be safe.

Now lets talk about the cost! Windows 8.1 will be absolutely free for Windows 8 users. So if you already have Windows 8 in your computer, you can download and install Windows 8.1 absolutely free. Other Windows users will need to purchase Windows 8.1 from Microsoft website or local store as mentioned here.

Now you might be thinking whether your computer will support Windows 8.1 or not? Don't worry! If your computer can run Windows 7 or Windows 8, it'll also be able to run Windows 8.1. Windows 8.1 system requirements are similar to Windows 8:

Windows 8.1 System Requirements

So what's your plan? Are you going to upgrade to Windows 8.1 RTM or will you perform a clean installation of Windows 8.1 in your computer? Feel free to share your comments...

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  • Support for windows 8 ends in 2015!

  • Will I be able to download an ISO from Microsoft so I can do a clean install that way? I'm already running Windows 8 Pro.

  • My computer came with a valid product key for Windows 7. Can I use that key in Windows 8.1? The computer manufacturer's hardware and BIOS have already been updated for Windows 8.

  • H*ll no. sticking to 7.

  • Why they must use Windows Store? What happen if my connection down accidentaly? Is there is no offline installer?

  • Windows 8 is an OK type OS..but cant match win 7..Hope 8.1 does better than Win 8

  • i have an HP Computer running windows 8 from HP, and i want to ask if i will get the windows 8.1 update from HP? LOL

  • VG

    ^^ You'll be able to update to Windows 8.1 for free.

    @Helper223 and @Cahya
    Yes. Windows 8.1 will also be available as standalone ISO.

    I dont think so.

  • I'll Definitely Make the Switch!
    True, Windows 7 More Suits to Our Likings and MS Did a Pretty Bad Job in Making a "TOUCH" Optimized OS for "NON-TOUCH" PCs. But Still, We'll Have to Accept it. After All, We Just Can't Be That Stubborn and Just Keep Sticking to an "OLD" OS. Thus, The Newer, the Better (Not to Forget Secure Enough!).

  • - To be frank, I don't recommend upgrade to Windows 8.1 as it lags of features as far as i see.

  • Wheee, I can't wait!

  • Already Used Genuine Win8 Pro With WMC :)

  • Definitely!.

  • I have been having a lot of trouble try to install, programs, printers and different devices in Windows 8. Just yesterday I couldn't install a HP LaserJet Pro 100 Color MFP M175nw in a Samsung ATIV Book 9 Lite using the usb cable or wireless.
    I did the same procedure in another laptop with windows 7 and it was installed without any trouble.
    Also I have a lot desktop computer costumers that are complaining about the charm bar, the clock and the other bar on the left apart from the interface metro. Hope Windows 8.1 solves it.

    I think Windows 8 was made thinking in touch screen and tablets. But for most people with desktop computer is like a mess. They miss the start button, and they way how the os used to start and take them directly to the desktop.

  • I want aero glass transparency back in Windows 8.1 RTM!

  • so, how much its size in windows store for windows 8 upgrade?

  • Damn, now I'm disappointed. Might as well just buy a new computer with 8.1. Or maybe just with Windows 8, that's the OS I'm seeing on all the PCs at the mall.

    Another question. If the computer has Windows Media Center, it will still work in 8.1, right?

  • At our company we are running Windows 8 Pro on every single one of our computers and we will upgrade to Windows 8.1 as soon it is out.

  • Why is Friday so far away? :-) Will upgrade as soon as the update is available!

  • Ironic that the downloads become available on the same date that our elected official plunge this country into default.
    Is there any correlation ???

  • Thank you VG for answering at my question :D

  • VG

    Can't say anything atm.


  • I'm using Win7 Pro on three PCs and will never upgrade to any edition of Win8 (nor will I ever buy a touchscreen for my desktop, btw).
    I won't upgrade to Win8 for the same reason as why I never will never buy a car that promises me "the best of both worlds" by having a set of skis mounted where the rear wheels used to be.

  • Right now, we have Windows 8 on just one of our computers at home. It's a desktop computer, and we only use Win8 in desktop mode along with Classic Start Menu, so we never have to look at that mess of a Start Screen. In this configuration, Win8 is as functional as we need.

    The only serious problem I have with it is the constant crashing of File Explorer since Day 1 of the Win8 install. From my limited testing of the Win8.1 preview, I'm not convince that problem has been solved, though many of the other changes are small steps in the right direction for desktop and non-touch users.

    The biggest concern I have with Win8.1 is the removal of all the Windows 7 backup options that are in Windows 8, especially the system image function. I routinely run this kind of backup on all my computers at least once a month, and that has saved me countless hours of frustration and reinstalling things over the years when drives crash or something else goes horribly wrong.

    So I'm on the fence about upgrading to 8.1 until Microsoft confirms or denies the rumour that the Win7 backup program will be made available as a standalone item for Win 8.1 in the next few months. Until then, I'm not willing to trade off what I consider to be the best-ever Microsoft backup offering for a few minor UI improvements, especially when I can have even more control and customization with Classic Start Menu than either Windows version.

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