Windows 8.1 = Fix (Windows 8) <=> Windows 7 = Fix (Windows Vista)

Just one week remaining! After one week on 26 June 2013, Microsoft will release a free Public Preview version of Windows 8.1 which will be a must have update for Windows 8 and Windows RT users.


Many people consider Windows 8 as a 2nd Windows Vista as it failed to impress many Windows users. Microsoft tried to make Windows 8 as a single OS for 2 different platforms: Desktops and Tablets. Although Windows 8 worked great on touch enabled devices but Desktop and Laptop users didn't like it. Missing Start Menu and Start button, irritating hot corners such as Charms Bar and many other things made Windows 8 users experience difficult and unpleasant.

Actually if you notice, Windows 8 story is really quite similar to Windows Vista. Remember the time when Windows XP was doing great on Desktops and Laptops but when Microsoft released Windows Vista, it was different from Windows XP in looks as well as in functionality. Microsoft removed classic toolbar from Windows Vista Explorer and replaced it with new Command Bar. They completely redesigned Start Menu in Windows Vista. Implementation of Aero Glass transparency and other eye candy effects made the whole OS slow and heavy on resources.

But when Microsoft released Windows 7, it worked like a fix for Windows Vista. Although it was based on the same programming code but it helped Microsoft in fixing all issues which were faced by several Windows Vista users. Windows 7 was fast and came with many new features such as new Superbar (redesigned Taskbar), Aero Peek, Aero Shake and Aero Snap functionality. Since people got used to Windows Vista in that time period, they loved the new OS Windows 7.

Now if we talk about Windows 8, we'll find some similarity between Windows Vista and Windows 8 story. When Windows 7 was doing great on Computers, Microsoft launched Windows 8 which was too much different from Windows 7. Windows 8 didn't contain Start Menu and Start button. Microsoft replaced Start Menu with Windows Phone style Start Screen which didn't get good response from people. Removal of Start button made the life of Windows 8 users so much difficult. New Windows users were unable to understand where to click to access their favorite programs. Also addition of hot corners such as Charms Bar made Desktops and Laptops users life horrible. They wanted to disable Charms bar but Microsoft didn't provide any option to disable it. Also Microsoft put Shutdown options under Charms Bar which were not easily accessible by new Windows 8 users.

And now Microsoft has listened Windows 8 users feedback and going to release Windows 8.1 which will work quite similar to Windows 7. Windows 8.1 will fix all the issues and annoyances faced by Windows 8 users. It'll come with Start button so that new users don't face problems in using the new OS. It'll also provide many new options to customize Start Screen which will make Start Screen work like a full screen Start Menu as mentioned here.

Windows 8.1 will also allow users to disable hot corners such as Charms Bar. It'll also allow you to direct boot into Desktop. Microsoft has also added new option to quickly and easily shutdown the new OS as mentioned here.

Apart from these fixes, Windows 8.1 will also contain new functionality which will definitely impress existing Windows users.

So you can see Windows 8.1 might help Microsoft in making Windows 8 a perfect OS. Windows 8.1 has the capability to prove Windows 8 as good and user-friendly as Windows XP and Windows 7 were.

What do you say about this thing? Do you also feel the same? Are you also waiting for Windows 8.1 release? Feel free to share your feedback in your comment...

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