Windows 10 will not Reinstall Uninstalled Apps When Upgrading to Newer Builds

If you are using Windows 10 operating system and have removed some built-in apps such as Mail, Calendar, Maps, etc and later you upgrade to a newer build of Windows 10, it'll automatically reinstall all uninstalled built-in apps and you'll need to manually remove the apps again once the upgrade completes.

It happens in both public as well as Insider Preview builds. Whenever you install a new Windows 10 build, it reinstalls all uninstalled apps while upgrading. Its very irritating and causes wastage of time in uninstalling the unwanted apps again and again.

Many Windows 10 users reported this issue to Microsoft and asked the company to fix this annoying problem. Finally Microsoft listened to the requests and with the release of Windows 10 build 14926, Microsoft included a new feature to preserve the state of apps (whether an app is present or not) at upgrade time.

Now after installing build 14926, when you upgrade your PC to a newer Windows 10 build, it will check for uninstalled apps and it will preserve that state once the upgrade has completed. So if you uninstall any built-in app in Windows 10, it will not get reinstalled after you update to a newer Windows 10 build.

If you are using Windows Insider Preview builds and already installed build 14926, now if you upgrade to recently released build 14931 or any upcoming build, it'll not reinstall removed apps. So you'll not need to uninstall unwanted apps after upgrading to new Windows 10 builds.

If you are using a public Windows 10 build such as Windows 10 RTM or November Update or Anniversary Update build, you'll need to wait for some time in enjoying this new feature. This feature will arrive to public builds when Microsoft releases another feature update build to public. There are chances that Microsoft may add this feature to public Windows 10 builds via a new update as well but there are no confirmed news yet.

We should thank to Microsoft for listening to our feedback and adding such a required and helpful feature to Windows 10.

If you don't know how to uninstall 3rd party as well as bundled apps in Windows 10, following tutorials will help you:


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  • I miss the old days when the Microsoft Windows OS didn't come with a bunch of junk. With Windows 8 and 10 they come with Metro junkware, SAD!

  • I see it rather as a disadvantage for those people who have broken apps. Generally a repair Install fixes this issue(my community experience says the same!).
    So when apps don't work you either have the option to do a reset or a clean Install which would surely remove your files and apps. Repair Install kept everything OTOH

  • I agree with @Sir Pixelot, the newer versions of Windows we get, the more there is junkware preinstalled. The worst part is that they come without Uninstall option so we either learn to ignore those apps (the easiest way is by using alternative Start menu so you can hide modern apps completely) or uninstall them by unofficial methods, Although in the latter case they are latter reinstalled again. Endless process.

  • "Feature"? Lol! That's a "feature" like not having viruses is feature, or like not having an OS delete files without permission is a feature. Windows 10 needs a lot more of these "features" before it can be considered a credible and competent OS. As things stand, Windows 10 is malware.

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