[Windows 10 Tip] Show / Hide Number of New Notifications on Action Center Icon in Taskbar

In new Windows 10 Anniversary Update build, Microsoft has made lots of improvements to Action Center aka Notification Center. Now you can rearrange Quick Actions, disable unwanted notifications, etc. Apart from these changes, there is another big change in Action Center UI and that is the addition of new notifications number on Action Center icon in Taskbar.

Now if there are any new notifications available in Action Center, Windows shows the notifications count on Action Center icon in Taskbar as shown in following screenshot:


Its a very nice addition and will definitely help Windows users in easily and quickly noticing new notifications.

But if the number of notifications is not showing on Action Center icon in your Windows 10 computer, this tutorial will help you.

And if you don't want to show the number of notifications on Action Center icon, this tutorial will also please you.

Actually Microsoft provides an option to show or hide the number of new notifications on Action Center icon in Taskbar and you can easily enable or disable this option using following simple steps:

1. Right-click on Action Center icon present at the extreme end of the Taskbar.

2. If you are not getting number of new notifications showing on Action Center icon, select "Show number of new notifications" option from the context menu. Now you'll start getting number of notifications on the Action Center icon.


3. If you want the reverse and want to remove number of new notifications on Action Center icon, select "Don't show number of new notifications" option from the context menu. Now you'll no longer see number of notifications on Action Center icon.


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  • Has anyone been able to change the 'This PC' on the desktop to reflect the %UserName% on %ComputerName% in the Anniversary Update? It appears that one can no longer Take Ownership from 'TrustedInstaller'. to change/modify the LocalizedString property via RegEdit. Has anyone had any success with the Anniversary Update changing the attribute, as with the previous version of Windows 10 this was not an issue nor was Windows 8, 8.1, or 7.

  • I have the Anniversary update. When I turn on show number of new notifications, I don't get the number bubble showing up. I have another computer that has the same version and the little number bubble show up. Any ideas why no numbers on the first computer?

  • VG

    ^^ May be you have disabled Taskbar badge notifications feature?


  • After I received the anniversary update, I had the unread counter over the action center icon. However, after turning my computer on about three days ago, the number no longer shows up. I have toggled the Don't show me number of new notifications setting multiple times to no avail. How do I get my numbers back?!

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