[Windows 10 Bug] Internet Explorer Still Points to Classic Windows Update’s WUApp.exe File

We know that Microsoft has removed the classic good ol' Windows Update application from Windows 10 operating system and they have replaced it with a modern Windows Update app which can be accessed using Settings app -> Update & Security -> Windows Update page.

Microsoft did this to put some restrictions on the users so that they can't disable or prevent Windows updates from installing in their computers as sometimes the new updates improve Windows security as well as performance and sometimes they add new functionality to the OS.

Although we can still customize Windows Update behavior using other methods as mentioned in this tutorial but that's a different story.

To completely remove the classic Windows Update program from Windows 10, Microsoft also deleted its executable file wuapp.exe from C:\Windows\System32 folder so that users can't run the EXE file to access old Windows Update interface.

And here the bug starts! Although Microsoft removed the wuapp.exe file, the company forgot to remove its entry from Internet Explorer web browser's menu. We know that Microsoft is busy in promoting and improving the new Microsoft Edge web browser in Windows 10 and they want every IE (Internet Explorer) user to switch to the new Edge browser. That's why they moved Internet Explorer shortcut from main programs menu to the "Windows Accessories" menu in Start Menu which is now hard to notice. (Check point 3 here for more information)

If you are still using Internet Explorer web browser in Windows 10, try following:

1. Open Internet Explorer from Start Menu -> Windows Accessories or by directly running iexplore.exe command in RUN dialog box.

2. Now press ALT key to temporary show Menu bar.

3. Go to Tools menu and click on Windows Update item.


Now get ready to receive following error message:

Windows cannot find 'wuapp.exe'. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again.

You just get OK button to dismiss the error message, nothing else.


Now why is it happening? Its happening because Microsoft didn't fix the old shortcut of "Windows Update" in Internet Explorer tools menu which currently targets to wuapp.exe file. Instead the shortcut should now target to the new Windows Update page in Settings app which can be directly accessed using following shortcut command:


We hope Microsoft will fix this small issue in next Internet Explorer version or Windows 10 build.

Thanks to our reader "Armond" for sharing this bug...


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