[Windows 10 Bug] 2 Context Menus Appear at Same Time in Taskbar

Recently we shared information about an annoying bug found in Windows 10 which causes RUN dialog box MRU / history list to remain always empty. It never remembers the commands executed from RUN dialog box. You can find more details at following link:

[Bug Fix] RUN MRU / History List is Always Empty in Windows 10

Today we are going to share another bug found by our reader "Vincent" in Windows 10 operating system. This bug is related to Windows 10 Taskbar. Its very similar to another bug which was present in Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1. You can find detailed information about that old bug in following tutorial:

[Bug] Taskbar Context Menu won't Close in Windows 7, 8 and 8.1

Fortunately the bug mentioned in above tutorial has been fixed in Windows 10 but unfortunately another irritating bug has been introduced in place of it.

The new bug found in Windows 10 causes 2 context menus appearing at the same time on Taskbar which should not happen generally. If you want to re-create this bug in Windows 10, check out following simple steps:


Left-click on the Start button.


Now right-click on the Start button.


Now right-click on a pinned item on Taskbar. If you don't have any pinned item, you can right-click on any running program button on Taskbar.


Again right-click on Start button and see the bug.

Both context menus will appear on Taskbar: the context menu on Start button and context menu on pinned or running program button on Taskbar as shown in following screenshot:


Theoretically, as soon as you right-click on Start button in Step 4, the previous context menu on pinned item or running program button on Taskbar should disappear immediately.

You can watch the above mentioned bug live in action in following exclusive video:

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  • The WinX and Start Menus run in their own environment.
    As a test, create and pin a "Bubbles' screensaver shortcut to the taskbar, as close to the Menu as possible; invoke an instance of it using Alt/Tab then quickly open the Start Menu; you will be able to travel all over those Menus, including jump lists without 'killing' the Bubbles screensaver.

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