Make Your Linux Desktop Look-Like Windows 7 Using Transformation Packs

After covering Mac OS X transformation packs for Linux, today we are going to share two Windows 7 transformation packs for Linux users.

  • Win2-7 Pack
  • Vistar7

Win2-7 Pack

"Win2-7 Pack" is an excellent and highly customizable Windows 7 Transformation Pack for the Gnome Desktop.

It completely transforms your Linux desktop into Windows 7 operating system.

Installation is very simple. Simply run to install it. If you decide to uninstall the pack later, you just need to run command.

You can download it using following link:

Download Link

Thanks to our reader "Ashish" for sharing it...


Vistar7 is an awesome transformation pack for Kubuntu which can make "Kubuntu Jaunty 9.04" look-like Windows 7.

Features list:

  • Color schemes
  • Plasma theme
  • Redmond Vista - Normal deKorator theme
  • Windows 7 icon pack
  • Aero mouse cusors
  • Windows 7 like splash screen (login screen)
  • All Windows 7 sound schemes
  • Windows 7 wallpapers including beta wallpapers
  • Segoe UI, Calibri and Cambri fonts
  • Default Windows 7 user pictures

How to Use Instructions:

  • Make sure you have a working Internet connection.
  • Now open konsole in Transformation Pack directory.
  • Run chmod +x command.
  • Now run sudo ./ command.
  • At last login as vistar7 user.


You can download it using following link:

Download Link & More Info


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  • hi
    i have downloaded the files but it opens the files in text editer

  • VG

    ^^ According to the website it depends upon Gnome 2.x.

  • No it works on cinnamon, but nut as nice as the old gnome 2 .

  • VG?,
    I have lots of freeware i want to unpack and use on windows xp. Is there a way to turn off the grid organization on the windows desktop? (like linux--where the icons overlap).

    Thanks for the website

    Coty Chronister.

  • Hello AskVG...

    Please fix this article, i found a spelling error:
    Now open KONSOLE in Transformation Pack directory.


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