What is the Use of “Add to Compact View” Option in Windows Live Mail

Approx. 90 out of 100 users of Windows Live Mail (WLM) don't know use of "Add to Compact View" option. In Windows Live Mail, whenever you right-click on a folder under an email account, you get an option "Add to Compact View" as shown in following screenshot:


You see no change on screen even if you enable the option. Then what's the use of it?

Actually this option is used for "Compact View" in Windows Live Mail which is not enabled by default. You can enable it using any of following 2 methods:

Method 1: Drag the separator between account list and message list to the extreme left of the window as shown in following screenshot:


Method 2: You can also apply "Compact View" by clicking on the 2nd icon present in the right-side of the toolbar and select "Layout" option:


In Layout window, enable "Use compact view for Folder pane" option under "Folder Pane" section:


That's it. Now you'll get the "Compact View" of Folder pane which looks as following:


Now you'll understand the use of "Add to Compact View" option. Actually "Compact View" only shows the folders in Folder pane which have this option enabled. So you can add/remove any desired folder by enabling/disabling this option for that particular folder.

Hope it helps...

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  • wow! i don't even noticed that, i like the compact one! thanks VG! :D

  • Interesting I'm using Outlook and I've never really had a chance to use WLM, I know Outlook has different views Normal & Reading mode but I'm wondering how it differs from Outlook I know before Outlook couldn't download hotmail's messages and folders IMAP4 basically hm... maybe I should give a try don't think I'll use it over Outlook though, but who knows.

  • VG

    ^^ IMO Windows Live Mail is better than Outlook but thats a personal opinion. :)

  • 89 out 100 don't know.

    Thanks for removing that 1%

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