Waterfox: Download 64-bit Version of Mozilla Firefox for Windows Vista and 7

Now-a-days almost all new computer systems are 64-bit and you get 64-bit edition of Windows OS preinstalled with them. To get maximum benefit of 64-bit hardware, you should always install 64-bit versions of all software programs. Almost all famous software companies provide separate versions of their software for 32-bit (x86) and 64-bit (x64) Windows editions.

But unfortunately Mozilla doesn't provide any official 64-bit version of its popular web browser "Firefox". There is only 32-bit version available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

Although Mozilla does provide experimental 64-bit version of Firefox which can be downloaded from Mozilla FTP but its unsupported version and bugs are invited.

So what should a 64-bit Windows user do? How can he install 64-bit version of Firefox in his computer? Don't worry! Here is the solution.

"Waterfox" is a 3rd party program which is developed using the same code which is used by Firefox developers. Waterfox has been specially developed for 64-bit Windows OS to provide maximum speed and to get maximum benefit from 64-bit hardware.

According to the developer, in benchmarks, this 64-Bit variant of Firefox out-performs the official 32-Bit variant. Also because Waterfox is being built specifically for Windows, there might be further performance increases. Waterfox was compiled with SSE2, the AMD Core Math Library and with /O2 /GR- /GS- /GA optimization flags.

Waterfox developers always try their best to update this 64-bit version whenever a new Firefox 32-bit version is released by Mozilla so that Waterfox always remains up-to-date.


If you are already using Firefox, all your cookies, cache, preferences, etc will be automatically shared by Waterfox so you'll not need to customize it again.

You don't need to worry about your favorite Firefox add-ons (extensions). All your Firefox add-ons will 100% work in Waterfox without any problem.

Regarding plug-ins, almost all major plug-ins like Adobe Flash, Sun Java, Microsoft Silverlight work perfectly in Waterfox.

Waterfox can be installed in Windows Vista and Windows 7 64-bit editions.

You can download Waterfox using following link:

Download Waterfox

Thanks to our reader "TheAslan" for sharing it...

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  • I have tried Waterfox a couple of times and the big thing with me is that it only comes in english. I know you can download a language pack from Mozilla and have done a couple of times but the problem I experienced was that every couple of days or so Waterfox would revert back to English. I change the UI language in about:config but that got changed back to English. For that reason alone I stopped using it, as a browser I had no problem at all with it.

  • Waterfox does install and uninstall cleanly and utilize your profile and add-ons beautifully and seamlessly. At first, Waterfox seemed a little faster. After a while, however, instead of taking advantage of the speed of Win 7 64 bit, it seemed to be causing a memory drain on my OS, as measured by several tools. I finally got tired of restarting the browser and waiting for the delayed version 10 update. Went from WF9 to FF10 and not looking back!

  • idk about this, but is waterfox even safe?

  • Nice. I use it with palemoon 64bit and so far no problems

  • Can 32-bit programs work on 64 bit?

  • Tried it for a few days. Don't like what they claimed faster than the 32bit version in 64 bit system. So I uninstalled it and keep using firefox and firefox engine in Avant browser

  • VG

    @Snehil Sarkar @ Kyle

  • Waterfox 10.0.1 is fast.. nice...

  • sweetest version of firefox..., so fluid, =D

  • hmm... I like it, you said there is a experimental firefox, is that almost the same as aurora?
    if not can I download nightly-waterfox or so?

  • thanks for this..going to try now :)

  • VG

    Dont get confused between Firefox and Waterfox. Waterfox is a 3rd party software developed using same source code which is used by Firefox developers but Waterfox is not supported by Mozilla.

  • You may want to note that one of the things that distinguishes Waterfox from other 64-bit variants of Firefox are the more per-processor performance optimizations in the code. i.e SSE2, SSE3, SSE4, AMD Core Math Library, and I think AVX is on the works or already supported.

  • VG

    ^^ Thanks. Added. :)

  • Awesome thanks!

  • Works great for me.

  • thanks a lot.. for this useful SW

  • Cant find TCPTip app for Waterfox. Im using a Tablet Pc with windows7. The input keyboard does not pop up. Old TCPTip extension does not work with waterfox. Suggestions help?

  • VG

    ^^ Some plug-ins or extensions might not work due to incompatibility with 64-bit OS.

  • can i use pipeline boost method with this?

    link removed due to malware warning...

    as per this article or other??? please tell me or i need to increase this values for x64?

  • VG

    ^^ All firefox about:config tweaks will work in Waterfox as well.

  • I have been using Waterfox 12.0 for the past couple of weeks and it has been running smoothly and is currently runs faster than the latest Firefox.

  • What a shame it will not install on the 64bit version of Windows Vista !!!!! :-(

  • I've tried Waterfox and I found it to be quite a nice browser. Unfortunately, it seems to use a lot more RAM than Chrome on my laptop. With only 4gb to work with, I had to look for other browsers that use less RAM/CPU such as Polarity Browser.

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