Watch Full Bollywood Blockbuster Movies Online For Free on YouTube and Yahoo! MoviePlex

If you live in India and love to watch Bollywood movies, here is an excellent news for you.

Today we are going to share 3 awesome places on Internet where you can watch full-length Bollywood blockbuster movies absolutely free and legally.

So no need to purchase movie DVDs or cinema hall tickets, simply sit back in front of you computer and enjoy the free movies.

So without wasting time, here are the links to watch free Bollywood movies:

1. YouTube Movies Channel

YouTube provides a free channel "Movies" where you can watch absolutely free movies. There are several movie categories to choose from like New releases, Drama, Documentary, Horror, Action & Adventure, Classics, Comedy, Mystery & Suspense, Science Fiction, Romance, Family, Crime, Animation & Cartoons.

YouTube Movies


If you click on "All Categories" link, You'll get a sub-category "Indian Cinema".

YouTube Indian Cinema

It contains movies in various Indian languages like Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Marathi, Bengali and Polish.

2. YouTube Box Office Channel

"Box Office" is a new channel of YouTube that features a new full-length blockbuster movie of Bollywood per month. These movies are ad-supported. A 15 second video ad is shown after every 10 minutes of the movie. You can't hide or skip these ads. But you should not mind these ads as these ads are not much longer.


YouTube Box Office

3. Yahoo! MoviePlex

"MoviePlex" is a brand new video streaming service from Yahoo! Similar to YouTube's Box Office, Yahoo! MoviePlex shows Bollywood's blockbuster full-length movies absolutely free and there are no ads at all.

However its a starting and we might see ads in future. Also currently the movies are very limited in number and more movies will be added in coming days. You can watch Aakrosh, Dil To Baccha Hai Ji, Rock On, Rann, Lamhaa, Crook, Rakht Charitra part 1 and 2 atm.


Yahoo! MoviePlex


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  • @VG at the start of the article you mentioned that you have to live in India to use these services, is that correct? I live in South Africa and would love to be able to watch some Bollywood movies, actually would like to be able to watch any movies for free and legally, can you point me in the right direction to find streaming services?

  • @Odly
    I live in South America and I could watch. Try it.

  • @Everyone
    You can watch these movies wherever you are. I'm here at Philippines and I was able to access all movies on youtube. Awesome!

  • Thanks @SCBright seems to work, although I don't speak Hindi and they don't have sub's.. Any other great tips to share for online streaming video's?

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