Download “Bing Desktop” Tool to Automatically Set Bing Homepage Background Image as Windows Desktop Wallpaper

Who doesn't know about "Bing"? Its a search engine from Microsoft and also an alternative to the big daddy Google.

The one thing which makes it different from other search engines is its awesome background image which is updated each day by Microsoft. Many people save those images to set them as their Desktop wallpapers.

There are many 3rd party free software available which automatically extract and download Bing homepage background images and set them as Desktop wallpaper daily.

But now no need to use any 3rd party software as Microsoft has released an official Bing Desktop wallpaper changer tool.

"Bing Desktop" is a new freeware released by Microsoft which automatically downloads Bing homepage background image and sets it as your Windows Desktop wallpaper daily. It also puts a Bing search box on your Desktop which can be used to instantly search on Bing right from your Desktop.

You can minimize the search box if you don't like it or put it on top of screen using context menu and it'll auto-hide itself. Whenever you want to use it, move your mouse cursor on top-middle area of screen and it'll show on the screen.

You can also use keyboard shortcut "Win+H" to hide or show the Bing search box on Desktop.

You can change its settings either by right-clicking on the search box or by clicking on Tools icon given at the end of search box.


It can be used in Windows 7 only. Interested users can download it using following link:

Download Bing Desktop Tool

Thanks to our reader "raman" for sharing it...

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  • Excellent tool, too bad that is available in English only.
    Thank you!

  • Come on guys!
    This is "Slowware" or "Bloatware"
    -It logs your browsing behavior
    -It's an unnecessary start up for your machine
    -It slows your machine and browser

    Come on Vishal, you cannot recommend this kind of crap for the sake of something pretty; if fediafedia recommends it it's normal, but you??

  • lol "big daddy Google"

  • VG

    ^^ yeah. ;)

    You can disable it from startup using its settings and I didnt notice any slow down in system. Its very light on resources. :)

  • Cool. It's about time MS released an official app that does this. Thanks for sharing.

  • @ VG: Under requirements on the downloads page it says only for the United States ! I guess that leaves out Canada and all other countries ? What a shame as I really wanted to try this out ! Unless you can verify or know if other areas will be added at a later date ? Cheers mate !

  • VG

    ^^ I was able to download and use it and I'm not in US atm.

  • ^^ Thanks VG I will give it a go ! Cheers mate !

  • @memo
    If you have a really low end machine you may slow down your start-up time even with an anti-virus, If you have a dial-up connection, anything can slow the Internet.
    I find this tool very useful (as a search tool) and I don't use it to change my wallpaper because I want to preserve my theme.
    On the average I would give 7 points for this tool.

  • This is awesome on my Windows PC but is there anything like this for my MacBook Pro?

  • @Michael,

    no. this is only for windows 7


    i found out that u can download this via Windows Update too

    EST 6:58pm

  • Love this little application on my windows 7 desktop. Too bad it doesn't run in Windows XP for my laptop. I also love how I click the top of my screen and the search box appears. You can pin it to the top and double click when you only need it.

  • I don't mind Bing, but I DO mind Microsoft destroying my preferences and installing things like this without my permission.

    I do manual updates on all my PC's specifically to watch for this type of thing. I explicitly DESELECTED the Bing desktop and set it to 'hidden' so I don't get bothered by it again... but IT INSTALLED ANYWAY.

    I thought I was nuts until this happened on the 3rd Windows 7 Ultimate x64 desktop I updated, being VERY careful to make sure it was NOT selected the 2nd and 3rd time. I guess MS is extremely desperate to push it out if they install it regardless of your choosing not to install it or not. Fortunately, it can be removed with Programs and Features/Uninstall. I'll have to see if it magically appears again at my next update interval.

  • I'm a bit bent that Microsoft installed this without my permission.
    It's a worthless app, that sits in the middle of my screen, and opens the BING webpage. I think I can manage that all by myself, thanks anyways Microsoft. Deleted the app. Worthless, and now makes me hate Microsoft even more.

  • VG

    ^^ Yeah. Microsoft has started releasing the app to Windows Updates. I have set Windows Updates to notify me first about the updates before installing them, so I was able to uncheck it. ;)

  • Are you kidding me? This thing is a nightmare....and VERY evil.

    Whenever I try to play some of my games or go to full screen using DOSbox, this "attention whore" of a program wants to steal the focus thus resulting in my program I WANT to use to be minimized. If I try to maximize the program I want to use, the Bing Bar keeps on stealing the focus, so I have to exit the Bing Bar every time. I have even written MS on this matter and it was insultingly suggested I minimize the bar with a given illustration of the bar with the minimize button CIRCLED IN RED! I mean really. As if I didn't know how to minimize a window even though I'm running their stupid OS and software AND I've tried minimizing the Bing Bar to no avail. It STILL wants to keep itself in focus.

    This is the WORST piece of counter-productive cr@p from MS yet.

  • At the college I go to and work at we encountered this in our lab. It may appear to be forced on you, but there is a virus somewhere in your computer that is dialing out grabbing this. This is not forced from Microsoft, if this helps any if you find "gupdate.exe" this is from korea, but its where all this is coming from. Hope this helps.

  • try instead of Bing.

  • Just to update, the link you used in the article is no longer working, it takes you to MS error page, the link that it's at now is
    I have Win7 64bit, I think it auto detects, cuz it downloaded the 64bit version for me, but just double check the download and make sure.
    Just wanted to give you all the update on that.

  • VG

    ^^ Thanks for the heads up. Link updated.

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