Vivaldi: New Web Browser from Former CEO and Co-founder of Opera

UPDATED on April 06, 2016: Release of Vivaldi 1.0 stable version.

We know about the new Microsoft Edge (codename Spartan) web browser introduced in the latest Windows 10 operating system and now another web browser has arrived on Internet.

If you are using Opera web browser, you might have heard about John von Tetzchner, the former CEO and co-founder of Opera. He left Opera in 2011 when Opera development went into wrong direction.

There are many Opera users who are not happy with the current UI and features of Opera and that's why the new web browser "Vivaldi" has been developed.

Vivaldi web browser has been developed to provide all classic and essential features that used to exist in old versions of Opera.

It can be used in Windows, Linux and Mac OS. It uses Chromium/Blink rendering engine which is also used by Google Chrome and Opera web browsers.

Currently Vivaldi is under development and testing phase and a Technical Preview version of Vivaldi has been released to public.


Vivaldi looks similar to Opera and provides many similar and extra features such as:

  • Classic Status bar which has disappeared from all modern web browsers
  • Colored tabs which change their color based on the web content
  • Ability to move tab bar to top/bottom/left/right or completely hide
  • Small sidebar panel on left to access useful stuff such as bookmarks, downloads, etc
  • Ability to take notes while browsing
  • Full bookmarks manager integrated
  • Opera's tab stacking feature
  • Opera's speed dial feature
  • Mouse gestures
  • Quick commands to search and run commands
  • Notes, bookmarks, history and session sync feature
  • Extensions support

Although the web browser is under development and lacks many features but still it looks promising. We didn't notice any performance or stability issues while testing the browser.

Interested people can download it using following link:

Download Vivaldi Web browser

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  • Aahhh looks cool. Downloading it rite now. Thanx VG.

  • this looks similar to Project Spartan. do you have a benchmark on this one? this looks cool tho

  • Yeah, after the change in Opera development updates are not as good as they used to be.

  • well I really liked aspects of old opera,but it had some compatabilty issues,but it was fast.
    so I'm really hoping this will bring back basics like bookmark management support ,shakes head.
    that killed it for I have high hopes for this browser

  • I downloaded Vivaldi after seeing this post. It is a great start... and already a vast improvement over the later versions of Opera. i.e. Users can actually drag-n-drop a website/link onto their desktop, and it features a traditional, functioning bookmark system. Fat lady sings @ Opera!

    The Vivaldi team states they are targeting the more traditional power user. In that case, they need to ditch the 'flat' Metro design and Fisher-Price borders & tabs (poor chroma / contrast).

    Ergo, there is too much emphasis on red (color) elements; very distracting and bad UI choice.

    Otherwise, the Vivaldi technical preview is well worth downloading and offers fresh hope...

  • Well, sometimes stupidity overtakes analytical thinking even in the I.T. field and sadly it seems to be the trend everywhere. We've been witness of gradual deterioration of software icons and currently Firefox and Opera are light years behind their original purpose, they were leaders and now are vulgar bloatware followers.

    For that reason I use PaleMoon instead of Firefox, SRWare Iron instead of Chrome (which logs everything about you like a Vundo Virus, this is exposed in the Malwarebytes Antimalware Forum) and TOR of course and never IE.

    I still have and use (at least in safe websites) the old Opera 12.17 customized according my needs; therefore dear John von Tetzchner: THANK YOU, we appreciate, respect and love free thinkers like you, keep it going!

    Vivaldi Beta2 is installed in my machines and I will contribute reporting bugs in their forum. Once the first stable version is ready I will uninstall my old Opera 12.17.

    Additionally, if you are studying, solving complex problems or just relaxing then I suggest you listening the Vivaldi Four Seasons, magical music.

    Finally, we Hommo Sapiens feature the ability of thinking, analyzing, researching, associating, measuring, observing and questioning everything; so when we abandon using our brain to be shaped by media, fashion, religion, realities, aesthetics and pure stupidity you become a donkey, a brainless follower who just don't care. Wake Up!

  • re Opera "has gone in the wrong direction."
    Has that been officially established by authorities, government, the courts?

  • Vivaldi is what Opera should've been after 12.17. Not sure what happened to the developers at Opera ASA when they turned a perfectly good browser into another Chrome clone. Seriously, there are way too many of those available for downloads now to the point where malicious Chrome clones meant to track and take advantage of users' information and exploit them for money. Vivaldi has improved a lot since I've last used it a year ago, but still falls flat on itself with RAM consumption. I need lower RAM usages to be able to run AutoCAD in the background. So at the moment, I am using both Polarity Browser on Windows and Midori on Linux. Both will suffice but Polarity is more feature rich and efficient than Midori.

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