VistaThumbnailSizer: Freeware to Change Windows Vista Taskbar Thumbnails Size and Animations

In Windows Vista if you are using Aero glass theme, you might have noticed the new small thumbnails which appear when you hover the mouse cursor over a running program button in taskbar. Its a new and cool feature in Windows Vista. It shows the live previews of the running programs without activating their windows.

But the thumbnails are not customizable. You can't adjust their size and other settings. Thanks to "Andreas V" who has made a little utility to easily and quickly increase / decrease these thumbnails size.

You just need to download the Zip file, extract it and run the EXE file. You can change the height / width of thumbnails, add / remove "Fade-in" animation. If you like it and want to run this utility automatically whenever you start Windows, you can add its entry in startup by clicking on "Start AveVistaThumbnailSizer with Windows" button.

You can download this utility here:

Download Link


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  • Hey, where did you get that theme for Vista that kinda looks like XP? It looks really cool. Thanks.

  • VG

    ^^ Its AeroVG theme which can be found in Vista Themes section.

  • Thanks!

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