Navigation Button Colorizer: Freeware to Change Windows Vista and Windows 7 Explorer’s Navigation Buttons Color

"Vista/7 Navigation Button Colorizer" is a small and portable tool created by vasanrulez @ DA to change the color of navigation buttons in Windows Vista and Windows 7 Explorer. Navigation buttons are the small Left and Right arrows which can be found in Command bar (or toolbar) present in Windows Explorer windows.

This tool allows you to easily change the color of navigation buttons. Normally you need to edit some system files using Resource Hacker and replace existing images with the new images to change navigation buttons color but with the help of this free tool you can automatically change buttons color.

You just need to launch the application and adjust the given slider to set desired button color, click on apply color button and it'll change navigation buttons color automatically.

You can download it using following link:

Download Link (removed by developer)

PS: If your antivirus detects it as a suspicious item, please ignore it. Its a false positive which happens because this tool modifies a system file.

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  • That's one of the coolest applications since sliced bread! LoL.

    Well that's 6 post in total for today! Amazing! Is this a world record?


  • are there any similar tools like this for windows 7 nav buttons? ^^

  • Thanks VG.... its really a great thing.... but can i use it with IE 7 or 8 in XP. Thanks

  • WTF? I set it to Red but i can't change it to Black anymore! HELP!

  • Ok. Prob. Solved.xD


  • Thanks for sharing this nice post VG!

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