Download Windows XP “Royale Blue” Theme “Vista Blue Refresh” for Windows Vista

After getting a lot of demand for a Basic version of my AeroVG theme for Windows Vista, I'm pleased to announce my new theme "Vista Blue Refresh". It'll give you Windows XP's Royale Blue style experience in Windows Vista.

So now Windows Vista Basic users can also enjoy this theme.

I have created this theme for "Windows Vista Basic" users who can't use "Aero" in their systems and are forced to use the Vista Basic theme. It also contains a version for Aero which is same as "AeroVG" theme.


This theme contains almost all new features which were present in my previous "AeroVG" theme like:

  • New Details pane which have different colors for different folders like Video, Pictures, etc.
  • Semi-Transparent addressbar and searchbar which get mixed with the window titlebar.
  • Darker hovered, clicked, selected area in Explorer.
  • New Statusbar matching with menubar.
  • Blue Control panel sidebar.
  • Cool dialog box buttons.
  • Only active window taskbar button is visible to make the taskbar more clean.
  • Checkbox and radio buttons are Apple leopard styled.
  • Cool blue progressbar in dialog boxes.

NOTE: It'll apply the Aero theme by default. If you want to use the "basic" version which I made specially, then change it from "Windows Color and Appearance -> Open classic appearance properties for more color options" and select the Basic version from the list and then apply.

Download Link

PS: You'll find the download link in the right-side section of the above mentioned page.

How to Install & Use?

If you decide to uninstall the theme, you can follow easy steps given in following tutorial:

How to Uninstall / Remove Custom 3rd Party Themes in Windows XP, Vista and 7

To completely transform Windows Vista into Windows 7, visit following tutorial:

[Tutorial] Transform Windows Vista into Windows 7

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  • Hey, can you please make this for windows 7?

  • VG

    ^^ You can find similar themes in Windows Themes section:

  • I don't know why every time i try to download this theme it comes up as a customized version of the Windows Classic. How can I fix this...really annoyed by this

  • VG

    ^^ Have you patched your Windows to allow 3rd party themes?

  • Hiya, I've downloaded and am currently using this theme, everything's great but for some reason the background of my files once I've selected them is green? Aren't they meant to be Blue? (Not the font, the background!)

  • VG

    ^^ You can change it using Personalization window.

  • I figured out a short term solution by editing your theme in vista style builder, can't remember exactly what I changed but it was called "hotselected". I copied aero's hotselected image and imported it into your theme :-D

  • VG, can I download this theme for Windows XP?

  • VG

    ^^ Check following:

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