[Video] New Features in Windows 7 Release Candidate (RC)

As we know Windows 7 RC has been released to Connect, TechNet and MSDN subscribers and public release is set to 5th May.

The first testing build of Windows 7 released to public was Windows 7 Beta build 7000. If you are still using that Beta build and want to know what things have been changed or added in RC build, then you should watch a new video which has been released by Microsoft:

Download "What's New in Windows 7 Release Candidate (RC)" Video

This video walks through all new changes and features implemented in Windows 7 RC build.

You can also read following topic which describes some new and interesting features of Windows 7:

List of Important Changes from Windows 7 Beta to RC

Also make sure to read some important information about RC build given at following link:

Windows 7 Release Candidate (RC) Build Information

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