Download Windows 7 Theme for Windows Vista

NOTE: If you face shutdown button bug in Start Menu, change the button settings to "Shutdown" instead of "Sleep" from Taskbar Properties. Also you'll need to replace the explorer.exe file included in the pack.

As you all know Windows 7 looks quite different from Vista. It contains an improved start menu, taskbar and also totally revamped Shellstyle in Windows Explorer.

The most impressive thing in Windows 7 is the redesigned taskbar. It shows a bit large program buttons which shows only program icons and not their names.

If you are impressed with Windows 7 theme and want to use it in Windows Vista, then you have come to right place. "DJ Gx" has released a new updated theme for Windows Vista which can transform Windows Vista into Windows 7 and will make your Windows Vista look-like Windows 7. Following is a screenshot which was taken from Windows Vista while using this theme:

You can download the theme using following link:

Download Windows 7 Theme for Windows Vista

How to Install & Use?

To completely transform Windows Vista into Windows 7, visit following tutorial:

Transform Windows Vista into 7

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  • i do everything it says, but when i choose the theme, it just shows the normal windows vista.. video tutorial please?

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