Universal Extractor: Decompress and Extract Files from Any Type of Archive or Installer

Universal Extractor is a free program designed to decompress and extract files from almost all types of archive or installer, such as ZIP or RAR files, self-extracting EXE files, application installers, etc.

Keep in mind Universal Extractor is not intended to be a general purpose archiving program. It cannot (and never will) create archives, and therefore cannot fully replace archivers such as 7-Zip or WinRAR. What it will do, however, is allow you to extract files from virtually any type of archive, regardless of source, file format, compression method, etc.

You can download it using following link:

Download Link

Thanks to our reader "randomcore" for sharing it...

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  • 7-Zip is the only one I recommend. It's 7z format will compress files a lot smaller than zip or rar.

  • I am trying to flash my bios and i dont have the flash files(.rom, .bin) but i have the .exe update
    Link: s02.download.sony.com/US/pc/ISBSYS-00208658-US.EXE
    If i extract using Universal Extractor but i didnt get bios files.
    please help me get the bios files THANK YOU

  • VG

    ^^ Did you try to run the EXE file? May be it downloads the correct BIOS firmware?

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