List of Best Free Online Virus Scanners

Its always advised to install an antivirus in our computer system so that it can regularly scan our system and remove suspicious items. Sometimes we might need online virus scanner to scan our system or to scan a particular file.

The reason is very simple, online scanners are easy to use. You don't need to install them. Also online scanners always have up-to-date virus definition databases. You don't need to pay anything for them. Also online scanners come to rescue when you can't install an antivirus in your system because of an existing virus infection.

So today in this topic, we are going to list the best free online virus scanners which are absolutely free to use:

Give them a try and let us know which one do you like the most and why?

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  • Hey VG , pls do not recommend Kaspersky . It is a 108MB big file

  • VG

    ^^ Yeah but broadband users can download it within seconds. Its worth to download. :)

  • I've been using Eset's free Online Scanner for years, and it has kept my computers clean. I'll give it my best recommendation. It's not a fast scanner, but it's customizable - and it deletes nothing, unless you ask it to either delete or put the threats i quarantine.

  • Hi VG,

    Earlier, I was using on Vista Home Basic OS following Antivirus programmes " MSE + Panda Cloud + Kingsoft Antivirus" (Later two are known as Cloud Antivirus) and having no issues with local MSE as well as with system performance). Now I am using Windows 7 Professional with MSE alone, can I use any one of them simultaneously for better protection? Will they have any issues with local antivirus MSE and/or performance of system?

    Some of the above mentioned online antivirus are free to install and for analysis but do not block virus, to block virus they ask us to pay can you revise the list or bifurcate them between totally free and trial purpose.

    Also earlier I had used Immunet and PC Tools antivirus as cloud antivirus having no issues with MSE on Vista Home basic but performance of system became very poor, so I removed them. Out of which PC Tools antivirus has stopped further developement but Immunate is still active what is your opinion for Immunet?

    Also I want to ask whether Online antivirus and Cloud antivirus are one and same?


  • VG

    ^^ Its always advised to use one antivirus at a time. So use only one antivirus. If you want free antivirus, try avast! or avira.

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