Best Free Audio / Video Players and Alternatives to Windows Media Player

Almost all of us enjoy listening music and watching videos, movies in our computer systems. If you are using Windows and didn't install any 3rd party software, you must be using default "Windows Media Player" to listen MP3 or watching videos.

Although Windows Media Player is a good multimedia player and works great but some people don't like it because of some limitations and heaviness on resources.

Today in this topic we are going to share some free and popular multimedia players which can be used as an alternative to Windows Media Player (WMP).


So without wasting time, lets list the best and most popular audio and video players available for Windows:

Please give them a try and let us know which one do you like the most and why?

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  • long time user of VLC player however the last version update I had it bogged down to a crawl.
    I found potplayer thinking until I got vlc sorted out,I never changed back,its fast and does what I need.
    I have a massive music collection so for that I do like 1x1 player as it plays from the directory without making playlist,its not pretty and maybe could have a couple added options but it works flawlessly as is.

  • I have tried all of those. VLC is the one I use. But KLM wasn't too bad either.

  • VLC for me is the best, has not failed me yet, I've tried the other alternatives but this is so far the best when it comes to MP3 and Movies. I've tried the KLM and its not to bad, tried the K-Lite or the Media Classic which reminds me of my Win 98 days. I will stick with VLC for the mean time, I think its because of the traffic cones,, hehehe

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