TZUtil: Hidden Secret Command Line Utility to Change Time Zone in Windows 7

Recently we told you about a secret hidden command "powercfg -ENERGY" in Windows 7 which can be used to generate a detailed report about power management.

Here is another hidden secret command line utility which is only available for Windows 7 users.

"tzutil.exe" is a command line utility introduced in Windows 7 which can be used to change Time Zone or to get the current time zone information. To use this command:

1. Click on "Start button -> All Programs -> Accessories" and open "Command Prompt".

2. Now provide any of following commands:

tzutil /g (To know current time zone)
tzutil /l (To get a list of all available time zones)
tzutil /s time_zone_ID (To change time zone)

Here in 3rd command, time_zone_ID is the new time zone which you want to set. Fox example, if you want to set the time zone to "Pacific Standard Time", then the command would be:

tzutil /s "Pacific Standard Time"


This command line utility might become very useful for system administrators. You can create scripts to automate the task.

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  • Very useful, thanks. Make sure you include the quotation marks in the timezone. Timezone names are the same as WIN XP so if modifying a script (like I am) you just need to change control timedate.cpl,,/z to tzutil /s

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