Twitter Adds “Always Use HTTPS” Option for Better Security, How to Instructions Inside

Good news for Twitter users. Twitter has added "Always use HTTPS" option in account Settings for improved security. Once you enable this new option, Twitter will always use HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) to open Twitter pages for your account. It'll improve your Twitter account security by encrypting your communications with Twitter network and sending your account information to Twitter using a secure connection.

If you are a Twitter user, you should definitely turn this new option on using following simple steps:

1. Log into your Twitter account and click on Settings link.

2. Enable "Always use HTTPS" option present in Account tab.


3. Click on Save button and you are done.

You'll need to enter your password at the time of saving settings.

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  • I always check if I have got https on login page or commercial transaction page. It is useful as hacker may try to steal your password or any account details through phishing.

    But what is the benifits of having https protocal alway enabled?

  • and dont forget facebook has similarity features

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