TweakIE9: Tweaking Utility for Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 (IE9)

If you are an Internet Explorer user, this topic will help you in customizing the web browser according to your requirements. Today in this topic we are going to share a freeware for Internet Explorer web browser.

TweakIE9 is a free software tool which helps you in tweaking and customizing Internet Explorer 9 web browser's functionality and UI.

TweakIE9 is not yet another 3rd party IE9 tweaking utility. It provides the end user ultimate control over the web browser customization. It also allows the user to restore Internet Explorer 9 default functionality and UI to undo any changes.

With the help of this tool, you can turn on/off various toolbars such as favorites bar, command Bar and status bar in IE9. You can also enable/disable ClearType and other features in IE9 quickly and easily.


It also allows you to change various advanced settings such as changing downloads directory, managing search providers, managing pop-up and protection settings, etc.

System requirements:

  • OS: Windows 7 or Windows Vista
  • Web browser: Internet Explorer 9
  • CPU: x86 or x64

Interested people can download this software using following link:

Download TweakIE9


You can also check following utility:

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  • nice toll mr vishal i will try :)

  • Whats the 3D border?

  • I didnt know why after install IE9 RTM in windows updates nortify me to install RC version??
    Very confusing

  • Updates!!
    After several hours and restart pc. i didnt got a message for install RC version.

  • nice one :D

  • Nice program! I can't use it because I can't get IE9 (Windows XP user) but looks great to improve some of Microsoft's stupidity like what I did to make IE8 better with your tutorials Vishal! :P

  • coo' program!!!

    BTW did microsoft create this?

  • TweakIe9 dsn't disable cleartype on my Win7 64bit.

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