(Tulalip): Microsoft Accidentally Reveals New Secret Social Network Project

UPDATE: This article was posted long time back when Microsoft accidentally revealed a secret social networking website Tulalip. Very soon Microsoft removed the page but now after a few months, its back with a new name

It's been a few days, Google launched its social networking website "Google+" and now Microsoft has accidentally revealed its secret social network project "Tulalip".

Microsoft Research team is working on a secret project codenamed "Tulalip" which seems a social network similar to Google+, Facebook or Twitter.

The project can be accessed using following link: (Tulalip)

As the domain name suggests, the project sounds a social network. Microsoft has now removed the page and put following message:

Thanks for stopping by. is an internal design project from a team in Microsoft Research which was mistakenly published to the web.

We didn't mean to, honest.

But you can take a look at the original thing using following screenshot taken by Fusible when the site was live:


As you can see in the above screenshot, it allowed you to sign in using your Facebook or Twitter account as well. domain name sounds cool for Social network. What do you think? Was it a mistake or was intentionally done? Do you think Microsoft is trying to compete with Google+? Please post your opinion in comment...

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  • Yeah VG this is really a mini social networking site intended for students and site is also changed to so.c which is now open for everyone.

  • Hey, VG! is back up!

  • VG

    ^^ Nice. Thanks for the heads up. ;)

  • hahaha
    Funny..... one more time!

  • already some time I'm participating in the "social network" .. and some things in them are really interesting!

  • @VG You're welcome!
    PS: They removed the Twitter login option. But you can now login from Windows Live.

  • Its up now, I tried using my facebook account to login and then it shows that they will send an invitation to my email.

  • knew about this months ago why wasnt this posted sooner and yes they are doing a kinda social network but its really good one

  • this kinda familiar, i've seen this before...,

  • just tried it now. When I logged it, it took me to an app for facebook. :) I think its more of an add-on than a full pledge social network.

  • @yvidhiatama Apple lol

  • got the invitation mail. am trying it now via Windows Live account. is pretty much an ok social website.

    just one question: do you actually need to be 18+ to sign up/ use it?

  • @Kyle Don't think so. I'm 11, really :P

  • idiots, accidentally publish a site...
    lets see how good it is.
    most people hate Metro, and this is a bit metro.

  • Man its back...

  • Well, I am one of early user of (invitation). The platform may be social centric but it is not same as Facebook or Google+ or Twitter. It is more like search sharing. You share your search, it filters you according to their algorithm based on your search and interest and fetches you to the particular environment. Sound interesting, but horribly wrong on certain privacy concerned ground.

  • @NSDCars5,

    cool. good to kno. im 16

  • If it is a secret, how do some people on there have tens of thousands of followers already?

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