Transform Windows 7 into Windows 8.1 without using Customization Pack

NOTE: This tutorial will help you in transforming Windows 7 into Windows 8.1 without installing any 3rd party customization pack. After following this tutorial, you'll be able to make your Windows 7 look-like Windows 8.1.

Recently we posted an exclusive tutorial to transform Windows XP into Windows 8.1 which can be found at following link:

Transform Windows XP into Windows 8.1 without using Customization Pack

Many Windows 7 users requested to post a similar tutorial to convert Windows 7 into Windows 8.1 and this article will definitely please them.

If we talk about looks, Windows 8.1 is not much different from Windows 8. There are only a few GUI changes between both of them. Windows 8.1 user interface (such as theme) is same as Windows 8. Although Windows 8.1 boot screen is different but it is also going to change in final RTM version.

If you are a Windows 7 user and want to make Windows 7 look-like Windows 8.1, just check out following simple steps:

This tutorial will change following things in Windows 7 to transform it into Windows 8.1:

  • Windows Theme or Visual Style
  • Boot Screen
  • Login Screen or Welcome Screen
  • Icons, Sounds and Cursors
  • Ribbon UI in Windows Explorer
  • Start Screen with Live Tiles
  • Charms Bar
  • Wallpapers
  • Windows 8 Metro Task Manager
  • Aero Auto-Colorization Feature
  • Centered Titlebar text, icon and Up Button in Windows Explorer
  • Extras

So without wasting time lets start the tutorial:

1. Windows 8.1 Theme or Visual Style

Windows 8.1 theme is same as Windows 8. If you are already using a Windows 8 theme in Windows 7, then you don't need to apply any other theme. If you are using default Windows 7 theme, you can download and apply Windows 8 or 8.1 theme from following topic:


Download Windows 8.1 Theme for Windows 7

If you want to get Aero glass transparency, you can also check out following themes:

2. Windows 8.1 Boot Screen

The current builds of Windows 8.1 shows Microsoft's favorite "betta" fish in boot screen, you can download and apply this boot screen into Windows 7 using following topic:


Download Windows 8.1 Boot Screen for Windows 7

3. Windows 8.1 Login Screen

Windows 8.1 login screen is same as Windows 8, you can download it using following link:


Download Windows 8.1 Login Screen for Windows 7

Download Windows 8.1 Blue Login Screen for Windows 7

4. Remaining Part of the Tutorial

All other stuff such as icons, sound schemes, cursors, ribbon UI in Windows Explorer, Start Screen, Charms Bar, wallpapers, etc are same in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. All these stuff have been already covered in our exclusive "Transform Windows 7 into Windows 8" tutorial.

To change all these stuff, you can visit following link and complete the transformation of Windows 7 into Windows 8.1:

Transform Windows 7 into Windows 8 RTM without using Customization Pack

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