[Tip] Use “Win+Alt+PrtScn” Hotkey to Take Program Screenshots in Windows 10

We know that in Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, we can press Win+PrtScn keys together to take screenshots. The screenshot is automatically saved in your "Pictures" library folder. Check out Point 2 in following exclusive tutorial for more details:

Hidden Secret Features and Useful Hotkeys in Windows 8 and Later

When Microsoft added Win+PrtScn hotkey to Windows OS, we asked them why didn't they add similar Win+Alt+PrtScn hotkey to take screenshot of a specific program window only? In almost all Windows versions, we can press Alt+PrtScn keys together to save screenshot of the selected program window to clipboard. So providing Win+Alt+PrtScn hotkey to save specific program window screenshot to "Pictures" folder would have been very useful.

In Windows 10, Microsoft listened users requests and they added this keyboard shortcut to Game Bar. Game Bar can be used to take screenshots and record videos of games but we can use the same Game Bar as a screen capturing tool to take screenshots of any software program window as well.

First check out following article to learn more about the Game Bar:

[Tip] How to Use Game Bar in Windows 10

To take any program window screenshot, press Win+Alt+PrtScn keys together. You'll see "Screenshot with Game bar? We'll mark this as a game", click on "Yes, this is a game" option.


That's it, the screenshot will be saved and you'll get "Screenshot saved" notification in Action Center as shown in following screenshot:


Now go to following folder:


You can directly open this folder using %userprofile%\Videos\Captures command in RUN dialog box or Windows Explorer address bar. Here you'll get the program window screenshot saved in PNG format with the name of the program and timestamp.


Please note that this method doesn't capture program window frame. So you won't see titlebar and window frame in the captured screenshots.

Similarly you can press Win+Alt+R keys together to record video of that software program window.

You can in fact press Win+G hotkey to show Game Bar on any program window.

But these hotkeys have some limitations! You can't use these hotkeys in Windows Explorer (This PC) and on Desktop. But it should work fine in almost all software program windows.


You can change the folder location to store screenshots and recorded video clips. Right-click on the Videos folder and select Properties. Go to Location tab and change the folder path to your desired location. Now the new location will be used by Game DVR to save screenshots and videos.

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