[Tip] Revealing Hidden Secret “Unicorn” Easter Egg in Mozilla Firefox

If you are a Mozilla Firefox user, you might have upgraded to the latest 29.0.1 version which comes with the brand new "Australis UI".

Although Mozilla tried to provide a minimal, clean and refreshing feeling to Firefox by introducing Australis UI but it seems most of the Firefox users are not liking it at all.

People are complaining about missing stuff and features such as orange Firefox button, add-on bar, tabs on bottom, etc. Although all good ol' stuff can be restored to Firefox new versions with the help of a 3rd party add-on "Classic Theme Restorer" but there is no built-in way to get those removed stuff back without installing any extension.


If you are not happy with the new Australis UI, here is something interesting to make you a little bit happy.

Today in this topic we are going to share a hidden secret Easter egg which is present in Firefox 29.0 and later versions. You can enjoy this Easter egg using following simple steps:

Actually Mozilla allows you customize the whole new Firefox menu (which is also called Hamburger button) present at the right-side of the toolbar. You can add new buttons or remove existing buttons from the new Firefox menu. The Easter egg appears when you remove all buttons from the Firefox menu and leave it empty.

Just do as following:

1. Open Mozilla Firefox, right-click on Tab bar or navigation toolbar and select "Customize..." option. Alternatively, you can also click on Firefox menu and click on "+ Customize" button.

2. It'll open "Customize Firefox" page where you can move, add or remove buttons from menus and toolbars as well as turn Title bar on or off as mentioned here.

To reveal hidden Easter egg, you just need to remove all existing buttons from new Firefox menu. Drag all buttons from Firefox menu and drop them to the lest-side area where all other available buttons are present.


Alternatively, you can right-click on each button and select "Remove from Menu" option to delete the button from the menu.

3. Once you remove all existing buttons from Firefox menu including cut, copy, paste, -, 100% and +, click on "Exit Customize" button or press ESC key.

4. Now click on Firefox menu and get ready to see the Easter egg. You'll see a nice and cute Unicorn flying inside the menu. If you hover your mouse cursor over it, it fills the Unicorn with rainbow colors.


If you left-click inside the Menu panel and hold, the Unicorn will start spinning while flying in the panel box.

5. After revealing and enjoying the Easter egg, you can restore all buttons in Firefox menu by again going to "Customize Firefox" page and clicking on "Restore Defaults" button.

PS: Check out following exclusive video to see the Easter egg live in action:

Thanks to our reader "Jim Smith" for sharing this information with us...

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  • Thanks for this knowledge. Nonetheless, I liked this innovation in Firefox 29.0.1.

  • Not working for me :(

  • is there a way of saving this gif????

  • Thanks to you ASKVG.

  • VG

    You can use any screen recording software such as Camtasia and capture the animation and save it as GIF.

    Please check the video to learn the exact steps. :)

    @Jeric Ramos and Rajiv
    You are welcome. :)

  • What it an easter egg to?

  • hey VG, did you know if you middle click on the blank space of the awesome bar, it will show all the Mozilla directories?

  • Thanks VG ..nice one, i loved this easter egg.

    Also, i found out more than this. When your mouse is in the white panel (unicorn is colored), LEFT CLICK & HOLD !!
    The unicorn will start spinning horizontally. Looks more awesome :D

    If you get some free time, re-do your tutorial video using this in it ..Cheers :)

  • VG

    ^^ Nice addition. Thanks, added to the main article. I'll try to create the new video including this new effect if I get time.

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