[Tip] How to Show Full Webpage URLs in Opera Addressbar?

Many of you know that I don't use Opera web browser as my primary browser, that's why there are very few articles written about Opera here at AskVG. But I always try my best to write articles about Opera whenever I come across new tips-n-tricks of Opera.

Yesterday our reader "TheAslan" notified me about the new version 21 of Opera which comes with some new features such as Aura technology, etc. When I went to Opera blog to find out what's new in Opera 21, I found an interesting feature related to the address bar.

Opera web browser doesn't display the full URL of webpages in address bar. Instead it shows a simplified URL by removing all distracting parts of the URL such as ?, & and = parameters, so that users can focus on the main domain name.

Following is an example of this simplified URL feature in Opera:


You can see in the above screenshot that no search parameters are showing in the address bar.

This functionality was implemented in Opera so that normal users can easily concentrate on the website URL and can easily and quickly distinguish between genuine or fraud websites.

But many advanced users didn't like this built-in functionality and they wanted to show complete URL of websites in the address bar.

Here is a good news for Opera users. Opera has added a new option to always show full URLs of webpages in the address bar. If you also want to see complete URLs in Opera address bar, check out following simple steps:

1. Launch Opera web browser, click on Opera button and then click on Settings option. Alternatively you can directly launch Settings page by pressing Alt+P keys together.

2. Now scroll down to bottom and enable "Show advanced settings" checkbox.


3. It'll turn a few advanced options on in Settings page. Now look for "Show full URL in combined search and address bar" option.


It'll be present under "User interface" section. Just enable the option.

4. That's it. It'll immediately start showing full URL of webpages in Opera address bar as shown in following screenshot:


Thanks to Opera blog for highlighting this feature...

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  • Holy crap! THEY FINALLY added this feature back.

  • I don't use Opera, but does Firefox have a similar feature like this?

  • @Kyle
    Yes. FF shows full url by default.

  • Still my browser address bar is blank..why?

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