[Tip] How to Forcefully Restart a Hanged Mobile Phone With Non-Removable Battery

Almost all of us use smartphones and whenever something goes wrong in our phone or when the phone starts running slowly, we just restart the mobile phone to refresh the installed operating system whether its an Android phone, Windows Phone or iPhone. Rebooting the phone makes it run smoothly as everything starts from scratch.

But many times if the phone hangs i.e. freezes and enters into a not responding state, it doesn't react to any touch input or button press. In such cases, we need to remove the battery from its backside to forcefully restart the phone and it solves the problem.

But now-a-days many smartphones are coming with non-removable battery and many mobile phones don't even contain any hard buttons or keys for Home and Back options. In such phones, if the phone hangs, what will you do to make it working again? Since you can't take the battery out, will you wait till the battery level ends and the phone switches itself off? Obviously, no.

Actually there is a hidden secret trick to forcefully restart any mobile phone even if its not responding i.e. hanged. So if you are using a mobile phone which does contain non-removable battery and if it suddenly hangs in future, you can take help of following small trick to force restart it:

The hidden secret trick to forcefully restart the smartphone includes 2 buttons combination: Power button and Volume button.

Just press and hold Volume Down (-) button and Power (or Lock) buttons together for a few seconds (almost 10 seconds) and your mobile phone will immediately restart.


That's the best method to reset a hanged mobile phone and make it working again for you.

PS: In some mobile phones, you might need to press and hold Volume Up (+) button and Power (or Lock) buttons together for a few seconds to restart the phone.

There are some more similar tricks which require some buttons combination to press and hold such as taking screenshot, booting into Recovery mode, Download mode, Fast Boot mode etc. You can check out those tricks at following links:

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  • That's a new one. Thanks. I tried it on Samsung S6 and it worked.

  • hmm, how about 5 second power button??
    its always work on pc, laptop and phones
    i always did this when my Galaxy SII hang and too lazy to take the battery out

  • VG

    ^^ No. When the phone hangs and doesn't respond, pressing Power button only doesn't work. You need to press Vol- and Power buttons together for a few seconds.

  • Actually most of the phones only need to have power button. Pressing volume with the power results usually in booting to recovery or bootloader. All the phones I had worked with just power button, until you need to go to recovery or bootloader

  • @VG Huh? I've tried with my Grand 2 and it restarts, but user MUST hold the power button at least 10 seconds.

  • VG

    No. Pressing Volume down and power button will work if the phone is not responding. In some mobile phone models, only pressing power button might work but not for all.

  • Very nice trick/tip. It really worked on my redmi 3s prime. my phone hanged/freezed and was not responding. but when i did this it immediately did a fastboot. Thanks very much for this tip. Very useful.

  • Just press and hold Volume Down (-) button and Power (or Lock) buttons together for a few seconds (almost 10 seconds) and your mobile phone will immediately restart.

    it works correctly
    thank you

  • Thankssssssssssssss for providing such great and helpful information for non-removable battery smart phones........................

  • thanks very match i did press the down volume button and the switch off button,suprisingly it started thanks very much

  • Thanks a ton! I'm currently using vivo V5 and it worked on it :)

  • Thanks bro, it worked on my htc.

  • thanks it worked on my samsung device

  • ohhh my god thank u...my phone is alive now,,,,

  • excellent its working dude

  • Thanks a lot my new Windows10 was get hanged when I restarted it I was hanged till a day but due to you suggestion in few seconds it has opens thanks you made my day

  • excellent bro, it worked on my Zenphone

  • thnk u thnk u

  • thanks.it helped a lot,

  • Thanks dude. It's working.

  • Thanks it worked for me. in 1st attempt itwas written on top "FAST BOOT MODE' when i did above mentioned step again and hold quit long, it restarted.
    Thanks So much

  • thanks guys.... it helped me...

  • thanks

  • Thank u so much ! it helps me a lot ! im shook tho cause my vivo v5 got hangs huuu

  • thank u sooo much,it helped me

  • Thank you so much, it worked

  • thanks you , its helped me...

  • thanks it worked out

  • Amazing! Thanks a bunch.
    - Big fan, long time follower

  • Thank you so much !!! It worked ...

  • Thanks a lot! It helps me!

  • thanks for the tip it works im worried for my COC

  • this is great. you saved my life :P thanks a lot.

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