[Tip] How to Add and Keep Speed Dials in Android’s Stock Phone Dialer App

Personally I'm a loyal user and big fan of Samsung smartphones. I have used Samsung's first Galaxy S mobile phone and then used S2, S4, S6, Note5 and now using S7. I love its Phone Dialer app which also supports adding traditional Speed Dial numbers for quick and easy calling.

Recently one of my friends bought OnePlus 3 mobile phone which is quite awesome and comes with almost Stock Android OS experience. It comes with stock Android Phone Dialer app which is very different when compared to Samsung's Phone app.

I was trying to configure her phone and found that there was no option present to add speed dial numbers in dialer. She badly wanted it so I did some research and found out that by default, Android's stock Phone dialer app doesn't support adding speed dials but it allows users to add phone numbers to favorites which are shown on the first page of Phone dialer app.


So you can open Contacts app, then open desired phone number and tap on the small "Star" icon present at the top-right corner to add the number to favorites list. You can add multiple phone numbers to favorites using this way.


All phone numbers will start showing on the first page of Phone dialer app but there is a small issue or glitch in this method! As soon as you make or receive calls from your contacts, their phone numbers are also added to the favorites/speed dial list and sometimes it replaces your added favorite phone numbers or moves them to the bottom of the list.

So you can't actually pin or keep your desired favorite phone numbers at top or desired position using this method.

But I found a workaround to fix this issue which is very simple to implement! You just need to add 20+ phone numbers to favorites and then Phone dialer app will stop adding new called phone numbers to the favorites list and you'll always have your predefined favorites phone numbers at their fixed place in speed dials list.

There is another different method to mimic speed dial feature which utilizes widgets. You can actually add a "Direct Dial" widget to Home Screen for desired phone number. Press and hold on Home Screen to add widgets and select Direct Dial widget.


It'll ask to assign a phone number with it, choose desired phone number. Now you can tap on the widget at Home Screen anytime to immediately start the call. You can add multiple direct call widgets.


For better management, you can create a folder and put multiple direct dial widgets inside it. You can then put the folder on Home Screen or in the navigation bar.


It works similar to Speed Dial function and dials the phone number immediately.

These methods will work in all Android mobile phones using Google's stock Phone dialer app.

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