[Tip] Get Classic Theme, UI and Features Back in Mozilla Firefox

If you are a Mozilla Firefox user, you might be aware of the new and controversial "Australis UI" which has been put in the stable version of the web browser.

[Review] The New "Australis" UI of Mozilla Firefox Web Browser

The new Firefox UI comes with a minimal and clean look-n-feel including curved tabs, new animations, new toolbar customization mode, etc.


Personally I like the new UI. May be because I'm using the Australis UI since many days in Firefox Nightly builds, that's why I'm getting used to it. But there are many people who are not liking the new Australis UI at all.

People are complaining about the removal of add-on bar, orange Firefox button and various options such as tabs on bottom, small icons in toolbar, show text on icons, etc.

If you have upgraded to the latest Firefox version and you are not happy with the new Australis UI, this topic will definitely please you.

Today in this topic we are going to share an excellent add-on for Mozilla Firefox which will help you in getting rid of the nee Australis UI. It'll bring the classic theme and all missing good ol' features and options back in new versions of Firefox.


"Classic Theme Restorer" is a free add-on for Mozilla Firefox web browser which restores the classic user interface and removed features such as add-on bar, orange Firefox button, etc.

Once installed, this add-on automatically removes the new Australis UI and replaces it with the old Firefox UI.


Following are some important features of this add-on:

  • Restores classic theme in Firefox
  • Restores classic search in Firefox (How-to guide)
  • Brings classic features back in Firefox
  • Enables missing add-on bar
  • Allows users to enable additional toolbar
  • Allows users to customize Australis UI
  • Removes curved tabs and restores squared tabs in tab bar
  • Allows users to customize tabs appearance
  • Allows users to put tabs on bottom
  • Allows users to put tabs below the titlebar
  • Allows users to change max. and min. width of tabs
  • Shows orange Firefox button (App Menu) in titlebar or toolbar
  • Allows users to customize Firefox button appearance
  • Restores various classic buttons in toolbar
  • Allows users to show small icons in toolbar
  • Allows users to show icons only, text only or both icons and text in toolbar
  • Allows users to hide/remove navigation toolbar
  • Allows users to show Find bar at top or bottom
  • Allows users to show/hide tab close button
  • Allows users to disable various animations to speedup performance
  • Various other tweaks and customizations

You can enable or disable all above mentioned options using this add-ons Options page which can be accessed using add-ons page in Firefox.


For Firefox users who hate the new Australis UI and want to get rid of it, this add-on is a must have.

Interested people can download and install the add-on using following link:

Download Classic Theme Restorer Add-on for Mozilla Firefox

Thanks to our readers Pushkar Gogte, Tim, ParaN01D and Frederick for sharing this add-on...

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  • The new look of Firefox is awesome and gave another reason to use it instead of chrome.

  • Frankly , I like the new sharp and smooth new UI but I don't like that Mozilla removed that orange menu button at top , that thing was apple-eye for widescreen displays ! The orange button used to save the area on nav.bar & now they've also integrated add-on bar with it , cluttering the area where i used to put other useful icons !
    hence I do welcome the ability to customize the UI but still the cluttered look on nav.bar is pretty awful.

  • I use Pale Moon browser instead of Firefox.

  • Vishal,I want to change the background color of bookmarks toolbar How i could do it?the 29 version update has changed to brown which is worst.

  • @MozartMan, I'm with you. I'm now running Pale Moon 24.5.0 and won't look back. Using their migration tool was a snap; all of my settings and extensions from my Firefox 28.0 setup converted over without so much as a hiccup. I still have my Firefox setup, but I'm only keeping that around in case Pale Moon goes belly-up. Mozilla can go sit on Australis and rotate; I'm keeping my web browser looking like *I* want it, not how *they* think it should look.

  • Will the add-on work with themes made for Firefox v4.0 onwards?


  • The only thing I hate about the Australis UI is the curve-edged tabs. Give me my rectangular tabs back and we'll talk, Mozilla.

  • I actually like the curved edges of the Australis tabs. However, nothing else about Australis pleases me. They'll come up with one that will please most people. They always do. Relax.

  • VG, I got the classic UI in Firefox 29.01!

  • Still on 28, cant upgrade. the "Classic Theme Restorer" is bad advise because its interfering with my 1000% important "firefox 2, the theme, reloaded" and classic theme dont bring the firefox 2 theme back. everything above that is not userfriendly. stillw aiting until FF is fixing the ui so we have the old one back. the curved edges are terrible anyway.

  • "this topic will definitely please you." No. I do not want the "foxy" tabs. I do not want that hideous blue color. I do not want to have to use an add-on to have it my way. Where are my options? I just may as well use internet explorer now. Congratulation Mozilla in turning Firefox into Internet Explorer.

  • I would be willing to bet that if Firefox showed pictures and details of the new version they created, lots of people would choose it of their own free will.

    It's the high-handedness of changing it without asking permission. It's also distracting when one is in the middle of an important project. In short, it's anger-producing unnecessarily.

  • I'm using both pale moon and firefox. Pale moon for the awesome classic look, Firefox (ATM) as my backup

  • I've been using Firefox for a very long time and come to terms with most changes, but I hate the new layout of the search engines section.

    I prefer the vertical arrangement as opposed to the horizontal arrangement now.

    Can I change this back?

  • VG

    ^^ Yes. Using this extension you can restore classic search in Firefox:


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