[Tip] Find Your Lost Android Mobile Phone Without Installing 3rd Party Apps

Today in this article we are going to share tips for getting your lost or stolen mobile phone back. Almost all of us use smartphones and most of them are Google Android based mobile phones. We always have risk of losing our mobile phones. Sometimes we can drop our mobile phones somewhere and sometimes someone can steal our mobile phone. In such conditions its almost impossible for us to get our mobile phone back. But if we use some built-in features and settings of our mobile phone, we can have good chances of getting our lost phone back.

In this tutorial we'll tell you about two important and must use features available in Android mobile phones which can help you in recovering your stolen or lost cell phone.

First feature which we are going to talk about can be found in almost all Android based mobiles but the second feature is an exclusive feature of Samsung Galaxy smartphones such as S6, S4.

If you are also worried about losing your mobile phone, you must enable following features and options in your phone as a precaution:

1. Use Google's Android Device Manager Tool

Google officially provides this very useful tool to detect location of your mobile phone. It can also help you in ringing or locking your mobile phone even if its lost. You can also use erase option of this tool to format or reset your mobile phone so that no one can access your personal or important documents, contacts, etc.

To use this feature, you must first enable Android Device Manager feature in your Android mobile phone. You can find it under "Security" section of Google settings app or main Settings -> Google page in newer mobiles.


Once you enable Android Device Manager feature, you can locate your mobile phone by opening following link in web browsers:

Google Android Device Manager Tool

You can add multiple mobile phones to Android Device Manager using same Gmail ID and then you can locate any added desired phone using the drop-down list present on Android Device Manager webpage.


Please remember your mobile phone must be connected to Internet so that Android Device Manager can detect its location.

2. Use Samsung's Find My Mobile Feature

If you have a Samsung Galaxy smartphone, then you must enable this feature to stay on safe side. Similar to Android Device Manager, this feature also requires your cell phone to be connected to Internet at the time you try to locate the phone using this feature.

With the help of this feature, you can locate your lost mobile phone, ring your phone, lock and unlock the device, extend its battery life, wipe (format/reset) the device as well as retrieve 50 recent log items by visiting following link:

Samsung Find My Mobile Tool


You can enable this feature using phone Settings -> Lock screen and security -> Find My Mobile option. You must sign in using Samsung account to enable this feature. If you don't have a Samsung account, you can create it using the given wizard.


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Both of these features are extremely useful and can help you in locating your device quickly and easily without installing any 3rd party app in your device.

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