[Tip] Enable New “Flip Ahead” Feature in Internet Explorer 10 in Windows 8

We all know that Microsoft's latest OS Windows 8 comes with 2 versions of its built-in web browser "Internet Explorer". One is the traditional Desktop version of Internet Explorer which comes bundled with every Windows version and the other is a new version of Internet Explorer which is called "Metro IE". Its a special version of Internet Explorer specifically designed for touch devices such as tablets.

The Metro IE version can be accessed from the new Start Screen. Its shown as a tile in Start Screen and you can launch it by clicking on the tile. Its a chromeless version of IE to provide maximum browsing area to users.

But did you know this new Metro version of Internet Explorer comes with a nice and useful feature called "Flip ahead"?

"Flip ahead" feature only works in Metro IE. It allows you to quickly and easily go to next page in a website which you are browsing by either swiping across the screen or clicking on forward button which is shown in the middle-right area of screen as shown in following image:


By default this feature is not enabled but interested people can enable it using any of following 2 methods:

  • METHOD 1: Using Metro IE Settings
  • METHOD 2: Using Desktop IE Options

METHOD 1: Using Metro IE Settings

1. Launch Metro IE by clicking on Internet Explorer tile on Start Screen.

2. Move your mouse cursor to top-right corner of screen and click on Settings option from the Charms bar. Alternatively, you can press Win+C keys together to access the Charms bar.

3. Now click on "Internet Options" given in the right sidebar.

4. It'll open Metro IE settings page. Scroll down a little and set the option "Turn on flip ahead" to On.


That's it. It'll immediately enable the new flip ahead feature in Metro IE.

METHOD 2: Using Desktop IE Options

You can also enable flip ahead feature using Desktop version of Internet Explorer:

1. Open Internet Explorer and select "Internet options" from Tools menu.

2. Go to "Advanced" tab and scroll down a little to get "Enable flip ahead" option present in Browsing section.


3. Enable the option and apply the changes.

Now you are ready to enjoy the new "Flip ahead" feature in Internet Explorer 10 present in Windows 8.

NOTE: According to Microsoft, if you enable this option, your browsing history will be sent to Microsoft to improve how flip ahead works.

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  • Another Sweet Tip. Thanks VG!

  • Very nice find VG. Loved it. :)

  • I don't have access to Windows 8 atm, does this include a 'flip backwards' feature as well (to go to the previous page)?

  • VG

    ^^ No.

  • But how does it know which page is next? And hasn't Opera had something like this for years? I seem to remember something similar about 10 years ago.

  • VG

    ^^ When it finds a paginated link such as part 1, part 2 or page 1, page 2, etc on a web page, it shows the flip ahead button.

  • Awesome tip. Thats why I love this site. :D

  • amazing find. nice addition to metro ie. :)

  • As long there is no option to deactivate unvolontary sending of my browsing history I will definitely NOT USE this

  • What I'm looking forward to is paginated links being pulled into one page. Now THAT would be an addition worth implementing.

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