[Tip] Enable Improved and Stylish Bookmark Pop-up in Opera

If you are using Opera web browser, you might be aware of the fact that bookmarks management in Opera is not as good as found in other 3rd party web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.

To improve bookmarks management and user interface, Opera team is regularly adding new features and functionality in newer versions of Opera such as the recent addition of Trash folder in Bookmarks which can be disabled using a hidden option present inside Opera Flags page as described here.

It seems Opera team is also working on a more advanced and stylish UI for the bookmark pop-up which appears when you add a new website to bookmarks.

Following image shows both existing (on left) as well as the new stylish bookmark pop-up (on right) in action:


You can see in the above image, the new advanced bookmark pop-up looks better and more stylish compared to the existing pop-up.

The new bookmark pop-up has not been enabled in Opera web browser but you can activate and use it manually using following simple steps:

1. First launch Opera and open the hidden secret advanced configuration page of Opera using opera://flags command in addressbar as mentioned in following tutorial:

How to Access "Advanced Configuration" Pages in Web Browsers?

2. Now press Ctrl+F keys together or click inside "Search experiments" box. Now type pop-up and it'll show "Improved bookmark pop-up" option.

3. The option will be set to "Default (disabled)". Change its value to Enabled using the drop-down box.

4. Opera will show you a message "Your changes will take effect when you relaunch Opera" along with a button to relaunch Opera. Click on the "Relaunch now" button to restart Opera web browser.


That's it. Upon restart, you'll get the new improved bookmark pop-up whenever you add a new bookmark in Opera.

In future, if you want to restore default bookmark pop-up, simply set the value of "Improved bookmark pop-up" option to "Default (disabled)" again.

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