[Tip] Enable Hidden Secret “Developer Options” Menu in Google Android Mobile Phones and Tablets

We here at AskVG love to find and share hidden secret stuff in mobile phones and other gadgets. Long time back we shared a huge list of hidden secret codes for Google Android mobile phones:

Hidden Secret Codes for Google Android Mobile Phones

Revealing 3 Hidden Secret Modes in Google Android Mobile Phones

The codes given in above mentioned topics help you in accessing several hidden menus and options which are generally accessible to service engineers only. These codes also help you in upgrading device firmware and restoring the device to factory settings.

Today we are going to share another hidden secret stuff for Google Android device users. Many of you might be aware of "Developer Options" menu present in Android mobile phones and tablets. "Developer Options" menu was put in Settings page of Android OS to help developers in testing their apps and other functionality and features of the OS.

In older versions of Android OS (from 2.0 to 4.1), the "Developer Options" menu was directly visible to all users in Settings page. But Google decided to hide the "Developer Options" menu in newer Android versions such as Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and later. The decision to hide the menu was taken so that normal users can't use this advanced menu as it may harm OS functionality and may enable unwanted testing features.

Now in newer Android OS versions "Developer Options" menu is hidden by default but can be enabled or activated using a secret trick. You can consider it as an Easter egg.

So today in this topic, we are going to share the secret trick to turn the hidden "Developer Options" menu on in new versions of Google Android operating system. With the help of this trick, you can enable "Developer Options" menu in both mobile phones as well as tablets running on Android OS.

If you also can't see the "Developer Options" menu in your Android mobile phone or tablet, just follow these simple steps to activate and enable the menu:

STEP 1. First of all open Settings page of your Android mobile phone or tablet.

STEP 2. Now you need to open "About Device" (or About Phone / About Tablet) section. In old Android versions, this section can be found at the bottom of Settings page. In newer Android versions such as Android 4.4 KitKat, the "About Device" section has been moved to a new tab "More" in Settings page.

STEP 3. Once you open "About Device" section, scroll down to bottom to see "Build Number" option. In newer smartphones, the "Build Number" option might present under "Software Info" section.

STEP 4. To activate and add "Developer Options" menu, you need to tap on the "Build Number" field 7 times.


Start tapping "Build Number" field and as soon as you tap the field 3 times, Android OS will show a message that "You are now 4 steps away from being a developer".

After tapping the "Build Number" field 7 times, you'll get a message "Developer mode has been enabled" and the "Developer Options" menu will be automatically activated and enabled in Settings page.


STEP 5. Now you can enable or disable various advanced option using "Developer Options" menu such as:

  • Stay awake (always turn the screen on while charging)
  • Stats about running processes
  • Show CPU usage
  • USB debugging mode
  • Allow mock locations
  • Show visual feedback for touches
  • Show pointer location on screen
  • Flash screen to show updates
  • Disable or modify animations and transition effects to improve performance
  • Force GPU rendering
  • Do not run activities in background when user closes them

NOTE: This trick to enable "Developer Options" menu will work in all mobile phone brands having Android OS such as Samsung Galaxy, Sony, HTC, Google Nexus, LG, Motorola, Micromax, etc.

PS: The interface of Settings page in your Android mobile phone or tablet might differ from the interface shown in above screenshots as above screenshots were taken using Google Android 4.2 ISO image running in virtual environment in Windows.

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  • VG I got a new android phone and I want to root it. My phone specificationsvare-
    1.3 ghz quad core
    1 gb ram
    8 gb rom
    Android jellybean 4.2.2

    I want to update it to kitkat 4.4.2 but no official updates are available. So I want to root it, but unfortunately the root processes are being failed. :(

  • Kingo Android Root 1.2.2 roots all Android Tablets (Including chinese too).
    Kindly search on google.

  • Thanks VG for that. I have a BLU Dash Music 4.0 with Android Jellybean 4.2.2 and I had already discovered the developer options a few months ago.
    Many of you may or may not know this Easter egg with Android. When you tap on "About Phone" and the next window or screen appears just swipe up to where you'll see "Android Version" in this case its version 4.2.2 keep tapping it three or four times and it will show up an whole bunch of Jellybeans. Once you unlock that it will now be seen in your Display to use as a screen-saver or as a little game to flick the beans all over the place or off the screen. This Easter egg works for all versions of Android and will show different stuff.

    @Bandhan Islam; I recommend to use Framaroot version 1.9.1 to root your phone. As far as I know its the safest way to directly Root your phone from your phone safely. You can also reverse if you decide not to root anymore with the same software. Just Google search and it will show you the link to download to your PC or to your phone if you're using the Internet from your phone. You won't get this from the Google Play Store. You'll get it from the XDA Developers website. The best thing about this you don't need a PC to root, its all done from your phone.

    As far as I heard about Kingo software! I personally have not tried it but there are rumors that they install a spyware that uses the camera on the phone to send info to them. I recommend you to read up more before exploiting that avenue. So be very careful.

  • Heck , I am still getting it VG............in my S4 with 4.4.2

  • Is there a way to remove/disable the menu after enabling it?

    Tapping the "Build number" field again brings up the message "No need, you are already a developer."

  • Hi, I have a chinese non-branded "SNT-210" car device with Android (currently it's KitKat). Just after booting I can go to "About" and after clicking "Build number" I already get "No need, you are already a developer.". But I still don't have "Developer options". Any gues how to enable it?

  • VG

    ^^ It might be possible that the option has been disabled permanently by the company in the firmware. Nothing can be done.

  • Even you can try Mobogenie App in Which There is an option USB debugging from where you can directly access Developers Option.

  • To disable developer options,just go to settings,select apps option,then go to column 'all apps',you find settings,just delete app data of settings and then find option 'running' then select 'cached process',you find 'Launcher',select it.Then force stop and press home button.Done!

  • Thanks for the wonderful job, it was real helpful
    God Bless you

  • Hello. can I Change Change The Topic ?! Well. I have A problem,, /Settings/Wireless & Network/ Then.. I can't tap My USB Internet .. I need It To Connect my USB cable To PC.. Help Me Please ???

  • On the open code "Developer Options"
    On the developer options open in case the device lock and remedy the situation usb

  • May I root my phone (samsung galaxy grand neo) so that I can use otg cable if yes, then

  • I've been doing everything I can to disable all remote access on my phone but I've been unsuccessful. I noticed my phone was charging very slowly and it stayed at 54 percent never changing. for a bout an hour even after I changed to a different charger I know works. first I thought it was the USB cable I was using are a bad charger port, but then I begin to notice the brightness went up and down by itself and I actually caught it move one day.I am very computer literate even sold more so dan a lot of my colleagues who went to school for computers studies or i.t. the point is there are some options that I'm noticing as a rooted user and under the development options that are not accessible to me then when I access certain app managers are permission managers it will not allow me to even touch the file saying an authorized or no access I'm pretty sure someone is manually overriding my choice of actions based on where I explore in my phone. please somebody to help me dissolved this problem. I noticed as well some of my files magically erased so I know someone either hacked my phone or deleted files via remote access and some of the remote access options like WiFi or hotspot or Bluetooth I have already just a boot frozen kill task stopped and or 4th closed and uninstalled and they still have access... help computer experts there is nothing with someone trying to find out phone can do especially when knowing that certain permissions cannot be stopped without the proper knowledge. I am Zoe sage I on an Android model lgs 500 version 4. 1.2

  • this article is super.
    after i open developer opption i can change many setting in my android kitkat(4.4.4)
    this is very simple idea to open devlper options.
    i am so happy when i found this function.
    let's try and enjoj..all my friends..

  • Pls which rooting app can root android 4.4.2 KitKat phone. I have tried some rooting app but they didn't work. any latest root app that can work?

  • A tablet from China for children don't have the original Android setting, and the developer options can't be enabled, can I do anything to force enable it?

  • VG

    ^^ It seems the tablet is using a custom firmware so not possible in your case.

  • Thank you for all your helpful articles that have been publish, I wait for the next post, have a nice day, friend :)

  • my tab is version 4.42

    thank you its working ..................

  • i can't access the about phone option in micromax unite 2 A106 8GB

  • i bought a redmi 2 its been 1 week and 2day when i turned on the screen there were several colour lines in the screen. I rebooted the system & it was okay i also had a micromax funbook infinity in which this problem started & became severe and got software error .Is this the same how can i fix it?

  • VG

    ^^ It seems a hardware problem to me. It might also be a loose connection problem in motherboard. You should ask a technician to check the set.

  • my set don't disabled point of bubble visual of touches

  • I managed to get onto the developer options but it isnt allowing me to change everything .. all options are black. :s I got my child a tab and it seems to be really slow and films do not load on there so i a trying to find a way to fix this. Any suggestions??

  • VG

    ^^ Check at the top-right corner of screen where Developer Options title is shown If you find a toggle switch to turn it on or off, set it to on and then all options will be available to change.

  • Dude thanks a lot! it's really a big Help! Thank you!

  • Found the secret opening when I got angry and tapped 4-5 times on something. Have Venue 8 3000 series tablet. It's hacked to death. Even my 60" Visio is hacked with wifi connecting automatically. Do I need to be rooted? Unchecked all Root Certificates in settings. Put them back? Keep finding Win program stuff too. Help!!

  • Thanks for this! But unfortunately I still did'nt found what I was looking for. Do you know a method to adjust the gain of the microphone (internal/external) on android 4.4.4 device?
    Please help me if you can.

  • Wow, this was incredibly helpful. I just purchased this phone with 4.4.2 to use for debugging and I was desperately searching for hte developer options in the menu. Thank you very much!

  • Thanks askVG, it works fine on S4 mini.

    The option "Do not run activities in background when user closes them" is great indeed!

  • On my Chinese Android 4.4.2 rear view mirror, this does not work. APKs are blocked, not just the usual security setting.

    Still looking for a way to root and run APKs

  • bhaii mere accessbility menu m services show ni ho ra h.....jbki kitni apps enable hone k liye bol ri h....what to do...plZ rply fast

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